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Revenue Cycle Management Billing Challenges

By making patient billing processes more automated using modern payment systems can be an option to improve revenue cycle management services. According to recent survey, patient accountability was also a major issue for participants, who reported its difficult time for collecting payment from patients. About one-third of survey respondents (31 percent) said they struggle with […]

Top Telehealth Questions and Answers

An open and well-designed telehealth software application may make virtual visits with your patients seems simple. Telehealth is a very easy and innovatively new way to treat your patients online. We have listed some top telehealth questions and answers which will give you an idea of patients FAQs. Can we choose telehealth services instead of […]

Steps to Follow Before Choosing Modifier 59

The National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) maintains a list of procedures that are “bundled” and therefore cannot be billed at the same date and time. Many billers do not really understand importance of modifiers or when they need to be used. A modifier should never be used just to get higher reimbursement or to get […]

ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines

As per ICD10-CM Official Guidelines, your choice of diagnosis code is based on the actual diagnostic statement provided by physician. But it depends on case to case basis. The Official Guideline Wording The 2019 ICD-10-CM Official Guideline (OG) Coder always assigns code based on the provider’s diagnostic statement. The provider’s statement that the patient has […]

Supply Chain Management in Healthcare Industry

As an overall business arm of the vastly spread medical industry in the United States, Healthcare Supply Chain Management is basically a series of processes and workforce involved across different teams and movement of drugs, surgical equipment, and medical billing and coding procedures as needed by healthcare professionals to do their job. The importance of […]

What happens when you go paperless?

The rising cost of healthcare in the United States is moderately due to its dependence on paper products. According to estimates the healthcare industry spends around $300 billion per year on paper, providing a strong incentive for eliminating this expense. But, if you talk about paperless medical billing process, then one must know that the […]

How to ensure your payment security?

Proposing multiple ways to pay medical expenses is a proven strategy for medical billing and coding services to help providers and their clients engage patients in the payment process and improve patient collections. As payment accountability increases, they bring expectations from their consumer experiences and demand new ways to pay their healthcare bills. To meet […]

Small companies prefer high deductible health plans

Small companies everywhere in the United States have been feeling the heat from rising health care cost for several years now. In a recent report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, premiums for family coverage have gone up by 19 percent since 2012-13 and 55 percent since 2007-08. High deductible health plans (HDHPs) have been [...]

Tips for improving your hospital’s wound care billing and coding

Creating a wound care billing and coding profitable strategy is much more than having an organization manage your outpatient program. For hospitals, it’s a full-time job to like into aspects like HAPU prevention on the inpatient side, outpatient wound center management, compliance, formulary assessment, education, and medical billing and coding. It is beyond buzzwords used [...]

Key Takeaways from CMS Proposed Rule 2019

Recently CMS issued the proposed rules for 2019 Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Both of these rules have significant reimbursement changes. However; these changes are yet to be finalized. The key takeaways from CMS proposed rule mentions: There will be a single payment rate for Level 2-5 ( Evaluation and Management [...]