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Four vital elements that affect payments and income cycle in medical billing

The recent changes in the U.S healthcare system have brought with it variety of challenges for healthcare units, patients and insurance companies alike. Staying afloat in such a transition can be a tough task, while the frequent alterations of [...]


Tips to get paid for downcoded claims

A timely turnaround time in claims cycle and fair payment is what almost all the healthcare service providers in the United States look for. And in order to achieve this target downcoding is something you need to avoid. Downcoding on [...]


Upcoming challenges for Ambulatory Surgical Centers and how to overcome them

As ASCs observe a period of deteriorating reimbursement, regulatory changes and challenges, numerous ASC facilities are trying to guide their medical billing and coding team through budgetary crises.  Experts in the field are looking for feasible solutions that will [...]