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Mitigate the adversities of Radiology billing

For radiologists all over the United States, the medical billing and coding process is often viewed as burdensome. Most times it is difficult to remain up to-date on all the billing regulations and individual payer changes, with no time [...]


Impact of Artificial Intelligence of medical billing and coding

For many, the future of the healthcare industry and medical billing and coding in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is difficult to imagine. Today, technology is here to assist your healthcare business and improve the revenue cycle and [...]


Channelizing your orthopedic practice with the perfect billing service provider

Here are some cohesive steps used by medical billers and coders to help orthopedics get the best possible reimbursement.  Patient Information Module As apparent as it may seem, but patient verification is a vital step in the billing process. To be [...]


How to clean up your medical coding glitches?

Improving the revenue cycle starts with clean up your medical coding. Codes should have to be right, or the claims your facility or practice submit will be rejected. If claim get rejected mean you don’t get paid on time, [...]