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Channelizing your orthopedic practice with the perfect billing service provider

Here are some cohesive steps used by medical billers and coders to help orthopedics get the best possible reimbursement. 

Patient Information Module

As apparent as it may seem, but patient verification is a vital step in the billing process. To be on the safer side our team always double-checks the spelling of patient names, their birth date, as well as other critical details that are often overlooked which can result in filing errors leading to claim denials and delays. Our proficient billers help orthopedics by verifying the patient forms so as to ensure the information received matches when claims are processed. An insignificant, but vital step in orthopedic medical billing process.

Verifying Insurance Cover

Insurance verification is an imperative step when you are trying to keep your orthopedics medical billing in profits. Pre-authorization and insurance verification provided by the insurance carrier of the patients visiting needs to be performed in a certain manner to make sure they have active coverage for the type of services required. Your facility will not just save time and money, but will surely avoid denials and coverage issues which surface later. Hence, verifying insurance cover is vital for a sustainable orthopedic practice.

Timely Claims Filing

Timely claims filing can truly and practically streamline the revenue management cycle of your orthopedic clinic. There is a standard procedures that we at Medical Billers and Coders follow to ensure claims are submitted within a stipulated time period. Meeting the claims filing deadlines can narrow down the rejection chances ensuring healthy cash flows.

Become Code Conscious

In orthopedic billing and coding, claims are denied sometimes due to codes used are not specific enough to the services given. That makes the billing staff and important entity to properly document in order to justify the codes you have selected. Keep in mind that ICD-10 requires coding to be extremely specific to get paid. A way forward for development in RCM is conducting medical auditing. Lastly, applying a little attention to codes strategies can greatly increase the revenues of your orthopedic clinic.

Go for Medical Billing Outsourcing

There are many instances when your in-house staff goes wrong which can vastly decrease the cost of operations of your clinic also lowering the clinic’s revenues. By outsourcing allows your billing process can be more efficient, preventing delays as well as decreasing the overhead expenses and maximize profitability. Outsourcing orthopedic medical billing and coding to specialists like us can help you to specify orthopedic coding and billing guidelines and properly process claims to increase the profits.

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