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How To Prepare Your Medical Setting With Billing And Coding For ThanksGiving? 

As the holiday season approaches, there are a few things you should coordinate in order to set up your medical practice’s holiday schedule and guarantee a successful year’s end. Your team and patients might be enjoying Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or perhaps a special New Year’s Eve during this hectic time of year. It’s crucial to […]

A Detailed Guide On Prior Authorization Process In RCM

In no small measure, the difficulty of providing patients with the proper care at the appropriate time has skyrocketed up the graph, and the conflict between cost-conscious insurance companies, patients, and their doctors won’t go away any time soon. Sounds like a dilemma? We all can agree to the stemmed fact that finding innovative ways […]

Why Should You Hire A Medical Billing Company Right Before ThanksGiving?

 With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s that time of year when we genuinely think about giving thanks for all the things we’re grateful for in our lives. However, being thankful extends beyond the sentimental warmth we experience over a huge Thanksgiving Turkey meal. Doesn’t it? In reality, a number of studies have revealed that developing […]

3 Common Myths on Medical Billing Outsourcing

Scores of medical professionals now prefer to outsource their medical billing. More and more people are considering this choice as the sector is expanding. Doesn’t that dumbstruck you? However, on the other hand, there are a few myths floating around outsourcing medical billing. To burst this smokescreen, you should first take the time to dispel […]

What Is Medical Credentialing and Why Is it Important?

Medical credentialing has opened up a plethora of opportunities in the healthcare industry that were previously closed to the healthcare professionals. With more patients than ever having insurance, medical practices are able to treat more patients than ever and boost their potential revenue as a result of getting reimbursed by insurance companies. Isn’t that just […]