Improve Patient Throughput and Improve Patient Flow

In current COVID 19 pandemic situation healthcare leaders are under a lot of pressure to streamline operations to become the low-cost provider, high-quality, now is the time to focus on increase patient flow. Optimizing flow is like a solving difficult puzzle, be it hospital or independent physician’s office. They have to combine different strategies and […]

Medicare Cover for Pain Management

It is observed that one in five Americans is living with some form of chronic or severe pain. According to a research study, the cost of pain to US is estimated at between $560 billion and $635 billion annually. Moreover, people live with chronic pain are more in US than people suffering from cancer, diabetes, […]

Launch of Radiation Oncology Model 2021

CMS intends to delay the RO Model start date to July 1, 2021 based on feedback from stakeholders. The feedback includes the challenges of preparing to implement the new RO payment model by January, including revenue losses for RO participants due to decreased patient volumes and layoffs or staff reallocations due to COVID-19. The announcement […]

Tips to choose a medical billing company in 2021

Healthcare providers can focus on medical treatment if they choose a best medical billing company to outsource their billing. Outsourcing your medical billing can be very beneficial for practices to outsource their billing, so Healthcare providers can save money and leave back-office tasks to experts in insurance claims and billing. Among the various options in […]

Improve your Accounts Receivable Process

Does your practice have improper cash flow, because of poor account receivable management? This is a normal with practices, the account receivable problems impact on overall practice revenue that result in less collections. Experts in accounts receivable management can transform your practice revenue from negative to positive. Nowadays, patients are taking more financial responsibility for […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Durable Medical Equipment Market

DME is a vital tool to care for patients with COVID-19 as well as provide support to patients who are in-home care so their chronic conditions can be well-managed. We all are aware of COVID-19 is still disrupting the healthcare sector specifically when it comes to supply chains such as repeated shortages of a mask, […]

CPT Codes for COVID-19 Vaccination

AMA approved a unique CPT code for COVID-19 Vaccination and administration codes to facilitate the tracking of vaccines administered. The AMA CPT Editorial Panel has approved a unique CPT code for each of two COVID-19 vaccines and administration codes unique to each COVID-19 vaccine on November 10, 2020. The new CPT codes clinically distinguish each […]

How to Get Out of Network Claims Paid?

If you see, Out-of-network refers to the provider’s non-participating relationship with the payer network and in such case, physicians may need to get prior approval from the carrier (i.e., pre-certification). Out-of-network (OON) plans are costly and many employers cannot afford to purchase them, so they have HMO-only coverage. The HMO has its own limitations and […]

Dermatology coding with E&M revision in 2021

Dermatology billing and coding is a very complex process due to detailed reporting, detailed information on procedures, and following multiple procedure rules. These complexities led to a lot of billing and coding errors. Moreover, in the past several time’s multiple changes have been made to dermatology codes, and staying up-to-date with the latest changes is […]

How Artificial Intelligence is optimizing RCM?

It is widely accepted among the practitioners that Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) has become increasingly more complex day by day due to the abundance of tagged data. However, applying AI to revenue cycle management could be the technology’s biggest break in the healthcare sector. For instance, Various manual and redundant tasks that are taking place […]