Denial Analysis in Medical Billing for Higher Reimbursement

To ensure the smooth functioning of operations in healthcare, there must be no loopholes or hurdles detected in the revenue cycle of the organization. The major hurdle for every healthcare organization or physician is claim denials from insurance companies. These are the claims that have been received, processed, adjudicated by the payer who is generally […]

Top Trends in the Business of Preventive Care

Preventive healthcare has been gaining importance in the US because of the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, strokes, and another cardiovascular disease. These chronic diseases are responsible for the rising death toll increasing, hence, to avoid them and detect them at early stages, preventive healthcare has been adopted widely. Preventive healthcare […]

Top Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

Revenue cycle management takes care of the financial flow of healthcare organizations. It includes managing all those activities which generate revenue for healthcare organizations like starting from booking an appointment to payment of remaining balance and RCM assures error-free billing process, as well as patients, develop trust with the organizations that they are getting the […]

The proposed 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS)

CMS has proposed a new rule Medicare physician fee schedule that would update the existing Medicare physician fee schedule and aiming for more health equity and telehealth utilization among physicians. In the rule, CMS proposed a new Alternative Payment Model (APM) that is helpful for participants in MIPS APMs to provide consistency in data reporting. […]

Workforce Management for Better Financial Outcomes

Workforce management is key for every healthcare organization for better financial outcomes hence it is important for you to focus on your workforce management. It is the continuous process to optimize productivity with effective management of employees and personnel. In short “Workforce management is having the right people possessing right skills in the right place […]

Approach for value-based Kidney Care

The purpose behind value-based kidney care is to enhance the quality of life for thousands of Americans while reducing the cost of care simultaneously by improving outcomes related to kidney disease. In the US nearly 37 million Americans are facing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and most of the people are not diagnosed yet. Even a […]

How to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management post-Covid-19?

You have constantly worked hard to protect your staff as well as patients during the battle with the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 infections, but have you observed your bottom line and the financial health of your organization. The sudden rise of erratic and unpredictable workload affects your revenue cycle management, according to a recent […]

Examine long term care planning

People seek long-term care when they have a serious, ongoing health condition or disability, and the need for long-term care can arise immediately after a heart attack or stroke. In addition, the need for LTC is rising due to people get older, and illness or disability gets worse. Generally, long-term care refers to the provision […]

Telemedicine Trends in Healthcare

Telemedicine is rapidly redefining healthcare and evolving to provide increased access to high-quality healthcare especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but you need to know what exactly telemedicine service? it is a service that enhances the patient health and experience by permitting two-way, real-time interactive communication between the patient and the physician at a distant […]

Improve your Medical Coding Quality in 2021

As defined by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, revenue cycle refers to “all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.” It means, it take account of the complete patient’s account lifecycle, from initial appointment setup to insurance collection. Current financial year challenges are like to diagnose […]