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Are You Losing Revenue Due To Outdated Processes?

Up to 38 % of the average medical practice's total revenue now comes from patient payments, according to the recent report. This means that thousands of dollars can be lost every year if a doctor's office does not diligently bill patients and collect outstanding balances from them. Today, as legalistic medical billing coding rules have [...]

Why Medical Practices Fail to Maximize their Revenue?

It is interesting in this economy, with the so-called continued recession, that most of these practices; especially the administrators do not revise or refine the strategic planning for the practice. The medical billing and coders like MEDISYS will simply focus on delivering the best possible service to all their healthcare practitioners, and the financial aspects […]

Three emergency physicians billing hurdles

Recent changes in the healthcare system of USA have brought about a range of new challenges for providers and patients. Especially; the emergency medicines are what focusing on one thing that is saving lives. However; the focus is vital for the emergency department the other details like insurance verification get overlooked. The emergency medicine requires […]

Difference between Modifiers and Unlisted Code

There are literally thousands of codes in medical billing which accurately defines the procedure that a medical practitioner performs. This can be the case for a new device or technique, as it can take several years from the time a new device is available until a code is submitted to the CPT Editorial Panel for […]

Medisys Medical Billing and Coding Resources and Support Are at Your Fingertips

The healthcare industry is quite different from other businesses as clinical treatment is not a succinct or lone transaction, but subjects to complex procedures starting from a patient’s appointment and ending with his/her account closure. It involves a planning of inventory and requisites that need experienced hands and minds. However, managing medical billing and coding […]

Outsourcing Billing Optometry: What You Need to Know

When it comes to managing something as important as the insurance claims in your optometry practice, many people can be defensive of the process because it is tied directly to their revenue cycle. As a healthcare facility owner, it’s good to keep an eye on the processes that are making your practice earn money. However, […]

Improving Pharmacy Claims Reimbursements – Outsource Now

Pharmacies continue to scrutinize their income cycle in today’s complex healthcare environment. As rising drug prices and declined reimbursements contribute to shrinking margins, pharmacy billing and coding is one place where industry leaders should look to make a positive impact on revenues. Today, if you review the challenges that a pharmacy faces in regards to […]