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Cost Variation For A Diagnostic Test In Healthcare Industry Affecting Reimbursement

The health care costs in the USA are exceeding considerably by 17% of GDP. Whereas expenditure done by other countries are less but with the same time healthcare cost is in increasing trend. As the population ages, the advanced [...]


Small companies prefer high deductible health plans

Small companies everywhere in the United States have been feeling the heat from rising health care cost for several years now. In a recent report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, premiums for family coverage have gone up by [...]


Medisys Medical Billing and Coding Resources and Support Are at Your Fingertips

The healthcare industry is quite different from other businesses as clinical treatment is not a succinct or lone transaction, but subjects to complex procedures starting from a patient’s appointment and ending with his/her account closure. It involves a planning [...]


Improving Pharmacy Claims Reimbursements – Outsource Now

Pharmacies continue to scrutinize their income cycle in today’s complex healthcare environment. As rising drug prices and declined reimbursements contribute to shrinking margins, pharmacy billing and coding is one place where industry leaders should look to make a positive [...]