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Tips for Efficient Revenue Cycle Management

Medical practices have big plans for this year 2019. If you have planned your practice to be successful as possible, you need a better revenue cycle management system in place. Better revenue cycle management is a backbone of your practice. This system should work efficiently. Below we have suggested some tips for efficient revenue cycle […]

Qualities to consider before hiring Medical Billing Company

You always think about how to boost collections to get financial success to your practice. You might be in search of leading medical billing company in the USA. The best medical billing company is the only solution to boost your collections. Best billing companies know how effectively the compliance, collections, and follow-ups are handled throughout […]

How to Prevent Medical Billing Errors at Your Practice?

To sustain business and growth you need steady incoming flow of revenue. To ensure this we have suggested some tips to prevent medical billing errors. Stay updated with medical billing and coding trends Due to many modifications in healthcare regulations, medical codes are constantly changing. Newly discovered illnesses and newfound treatments are constantly get updated […]

How to Document History of Present Illness?

Obtaining an accurate history is the critical first step in to determine about patients illness. Many times, physicians will be able to make a diagnosis based on the history of patient. How an HPI (History of Present Illness) report is documented? Location This refers to the exact site where the patient is feeling the pain. […]

How to Achieve Highest Clean Claim Rate?

Do you have any idea about your practice’s clean claim submission rate? If you don’t know then you need to know and if it’s not highest means if it’s not at least above 90 to 95% then you need to work on it. We at Medisys help practices to achieve highest clean claim. Rejections in […]

How Medical Billing Company Can Increase Collection?

Medical billing company can handle many of the medical billing and administrative work of physicians practice. It helps that the physician can focus on their patients. An experienced medical billing company can be more organized with capable operation team. This will help you to reduce medical billing and coding errors and improve patient and employees […]

Cardiology Billing and Coding Best Practices

Cardiology billing and coding is complex so often it leads to challenges in reimbursement for practice. The charges for services are differently depending on where the services were provided for example in same day surgery centers, in a hospital setting, or in the doctor’s office. Correct Cardiology billing and coding require an excellent working knowledge of […]

Boost your surgical reimbursement for your Orthopedic Practice

Are you an orthopedic surgeon? It’s time to ask this question yourself. Are you doing everything that you can boost your surgical reimbursement for your Orthopedic Practice? In surgical cases, many times complex, required multiple procedures are involved to resolve a patient’s ailments. This is a particularly correct statement in orthopedic surgery field. Human bodies […]

Updates in Medicare Provider Enrollment Applications

The Medicare enrollment applications have some updates (CMS-855 or Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS)) is an Office of Management and Budget approved forms and are available in PDF fillable formats. These formats allow a user to complete an application using Adobe Acrobat and save this information on their personal computer. Please refer […]