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Top Telehealth Questions and Answers

An open and well-designed telehealth software application may make virtual visits with your patients seems simple. Telehealth is a very easy and innovatively new way to treat your patients online. We have listed some top telehealth questions and answers which will give you an idea of patients FAQs.

Can we choose telehealth services instead of In-person visit?

This is very important question as both of the services has their own limitations and uses. The use of this service varies from specialty to specialty, and you should have analysis of it yourself that how your practice can use this technology to its maximum potential. As your skills strengthen using telehealth technology, you can gradually move to take more complex appointments.

How Providers get paid from Telehealth Services?

Even with the outstanding performance of telehealth sector, insurance policies do not completely catch the needs. Insurance policy reimbursement varies and offer different reimbursement rates compare to the in-person visits. Physician may fell it as a revenue losing proposition, but in actual fact it that it improves patient retention and target market while reducing the no-shows and administrative costs.

How Does Telehealth Services Work?

Telehealth service technology provides a secure video communication medium between the provider and patient. For this, provider and patient should have a smart device with a stable internet connection, so the interaction remains seamless.

Why is the video quality bad?

Low video quality is can be caused by a poor internet connection. You should have a minimum internet connection of 5 to 10mbps to use telehealth technology service. At least this minimum speed we recommend for streaming video.

To test your internet connection speed, visit and press start. If the test says your speed is under 5 to 10mbps and you’re using Wi-Fi, try using a wired internet connection or restarting your router. Telehealth billing service provider is a convenient and affordable way to improve the efficiency of your practice and it improve the patient experience while reducing the no-shows. It significantly increases the number of patients you see on a daily basis.

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