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Three emergency physicians billing hurdles

Recent changes in the healthcare system of USA have brought about a range of new challenges for providers and patients. Especially; the emergency medicines are what focusing on one thing that is saving lives. However; the focus is vital for the emergency department the other details like insurance verification get overlooked. The emergency medicine requires upfront verification as gather the demographic information of the patients and insurance details is not an easy task.

Following are the 3 emergency physicians billing hurdles that are connected with the emergency room billing:

Finding Insurance Coverage of The Patient

It is important to update your patients of what’s expected of them when it comes to paying their debts. Regularly reminding them of their obligations, especially when changes occur. This can be especially challenging for practices with less face-time between patients and practitioners, such as radiology practices, as it leaves more room for patient misunderstandings.

Recover as much information as possible about patients, which includes their address, contact details, email, workplace, etc. Be sure to require a photo ID at a patient’s first visit as this is crucial if a bill needs to be sent to a collections agency down the line.

Reclaim the insurance card to check the patient eligibility with every visit to avoid claim denials. Even better, hire a professional medical billing and coding like Medisys to automate the verification process hence this will save on staff costs.

Determine Your Patient’s Propensity To Pay

If emergency billing staff can determine the patient’s ability to pay early, it helps them segment accounts and assign their accordingly.

On the other hand, the patients who are unlikely to afford their bill should be quickly moved to charity care or Medicaid. Hence; the practice leaves the billing staff with fewer accounts to manage and lessens the amount of accounts sent to a collection agency, effectively streamlining their work.

Given the specific challenges inherent in emergency medicine reimbursement, now is the time for practices and billing companies to institute new processes and technologies to recover the money owed to them. For more details read here how Medisys – the medical billers and coders can be helpful to your practice.

Verifying Demographics Upfront

Precisely gathering a patient’s demographic information upfront ensures the correct bill is sent to the correct payor, which is essential in self-pay situations. However, self-pay revenue isn’t the only place where demographics verification is important; inaccurate demographic information is one of the most prominent reasons for denied claims and failed insurance eligibility.

By gathering demographic information on the front-end, the billing process becomes much more precise, regardless of the payor.

Medical billing and coding include the task of extracting detailed information from the clinical documentation, while Medisys uses those codes to create insurance claims and bills for patients.

To speed up the coding process and ensure more accuracy, many providers now use some type of coding software. Partnering with a reliable medical billing company like Medisys will be a more practical and affordable solution that ensures accurate medical coding services and flawless medical billing.

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