Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing Services

Almost every medical practice face one question is whether to outsource medical billing services or manage it in-house. This is never ending problem for physicians. This actually differs from practice to practice and is based on several factors. Outsourced medical billing service is keep doctor free for patients and increases their collections.

Medical Billing often referred as Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). This includes most complex and crucial components of healthcare business.

Benefits of Outsourcing medical billing services:

Regular billing

Medical billing companies send claims to insurance companies regularly as soon as they receive inputs from physician. They also do follow ups on all unpaid and denied claims to get then reimbursed to increase practice revenue.

Reduce administrative duties

Signing a contract with a trusted medical billing company, you can relax and be assuring that your work is being executed in less cost. Also, you have assurance that the appointed billing company staff is up to date on medical coding changes, modifiers and sub-sets.

Boost cash flow and reduce operating cost

Medical billing companies like Medisys can boost your collection by approx. 20% to 30%. Also, you get paid faster, with less effort from practice staff members. Also, you need not worry about on-going trainings. A medical billing company will focus on medical billing, and you can spend more time with your patients.


This is the one big hurdle that physicians try to avoid outsource their medical billing. Protecting patients and practice data is important. Information recorded in a private health record is valuable than other types of black market data.

You can avoid security issues if you assign your medical billing work to a reputed and leading medical billing services firm like Medisys Data Solutions. They have responsibility to protect all your valuable data. They ensure the possibility of data breach is minimal.

About Medisys

We are a group of medical billing experts who offer comprehensive billing and coding services to doctors, physicians & hospitals. We provide end to end billing and coding solutions. Medisys Data Solutions RCM solutions ensures that the providers recover every $ they are entitled to. Our vision for the providers is “You Cure. We $ecure.”

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