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Top 10 FAQs on Medical Billing Services

Top 10 FAQs on Medical Billing Services

It’s a known fact that patient financial responsibility and out-of-pocket expenses are on the higher side in the healthcare sector. On a similar note, it goes without saying that patient satisfaction will be impacted by the medical billing services. To establish a patient-centered experience, it is crucial to help patients understand their financial obligation, inform them of prospective fees before they receive their bills, and provide them with an empathic experience. The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding patient medical billing services.

We are here to answer your questions and assist you in determining what is best for your practice.

1. Will a dedicated team be handling our account?

Yes. Our billing managers are available to all of our clients around-the-clock, every day of the year. Additionally, all of our billing professionals will be available to you and your team at all times throughout regular business hours. We serve as an extension of your company rather than just your billing company, so we will respond to any inquiries you might have right away. The only acceptable methods of communication with our staff are by phone or email. Your problem will be resolved right away. There won’t be a waiting period before you receive an answer to your query.

2. Has a specific person been assigned to look after my accounts?

Yes. An experienced billing individual will be in charge of handling your accounts receivable and will be reachable whenever you need them. However, any of our managers will be able to access your account and respond to you if they are not available when you have a question.

3. What kind of data do you produce for my medical setting or facility, and how about the monthly revenue reports?

Our basic reports more than satisfy the needs of the majority of our clients, but if your practice or facility needs more information or a formatting modification from what is in our standard reports, we will be happy to suit your needs.

4. Do I have to obtain my reports at the end of the month?

No. Through our software, you will have password-protected access to your company’s reports, which you can use to monitor exactly where your money is, what’s happening with your receivables, and the ongoing financial health of your company.

5. Do you also provide services for credentialing?

An internal credentialing management team at Medisys Data Solutions handles all of our business partners’ credentialing requirements.

6. When will you check up on our claims?

We calculate an average A/R day for each payer and start follow-up six days after the deadline. For instance, the average payment time for Medisys Data Solutions across the entire organization is merely 14 days. Therefore, we start following up on any unpaid claims on the 20th day following the initial billing. We think that follow-up is when a billing company really proves itself and establishes its brand within the sector.

This is the step in the billing process that takes the longest and requires the most work. We take pride in our abilities to follow up with you quickly and successfully to ensure that you receive the compensation you are due.

7. What should the patient do if the bill is covered by insurance?

Patients must confirm whether the insurance provider has actually received and processed their claim. In order to find out if the services and treatments are covered if the claim has not yet been completed, carefully study your insurance policy or get in touch with the insurance provider.

The most accurate and current information about your coverage and your claim will most likely be held by the insurance companies.

In order to ensure that the most recent insurance information is on file, please address any inquiries from the insurance carrier to customer service.

8. Why do customers get fees for services rendered years ago?

Following receipt of payment from the insurance companies and confirmation that the patient is responsible for the remaining balance, medical billing services will process and send a bill to the patient.

The time it takes for your insurance company to respond and whether additional insurance is available will determine how long this process takes.

9. What is covered by the medical billing services offered by Medisys Data Solutions?

Our revenue cycle management service takes care of all of your outgoing claims as well as your incoming paper and electronic payments and remittances. On your side, we proactively handle claim appeals and handle denials. Additionally, by consistently enhancing our billing services, we save you from administrative duties. We take your claims seriously so that your business can go more quickly.

10. The “proper fit” for you in a practice can be determined in what ways?

Every method is distinct. Before we start speaking with a prospective customer, we carefully assess each circumstance to see if we are a suitable fit. Practice administrators should think about a variety of issues when selecting a medical billing provider, and Medisys Data Solutions offers itself as a help throughout your decision-making process. Whether you decide to work with Medisys Data Solutions or not, we want you to leave our meetings knowing more about what you require in a medical billing company.

The extras corner

1. How much medical billing experience does your employees have?

Over the course of more than ten years, our staff of qualified coders and highly skilled billers has managed complex, high volume transactions involving many medical specialties.

 2. What can you provide me that my own staff cannot?

We receive a small portion of the entire amount collected therefore we are not paid until you are. We follow up on every claim we send to insurers every single day because our office is open around-the-clock. Within a week, you will be informed of the status of your claims. Finally, even if you phone us at three in the morning, we won’t complain!

3. What data security precautions do you offer?

Medisys Data Solutions, an outsourced medical billing company, complies with all international security standards for the exchange of medical data and is fully HIPAA compliant.  We have a 24-hour data security team to ensure that all of your data is completely secure. With our clients, we sign HIPAA and nondisclosure agreements too to ensure that you don’t have stress loaded up your spines.

4. What qualities do a provider of RCM Services have?

Finding out if they have a stellar reputation in the field is a wonderful place to start. To learn what people are saying about the most well-known RCM service providers, make sure to comparison shop and read reviews in trade journals, websites, and blogs.

One thing to look for is a solid track record of assisting medical practices in improving their financial situation. How long has the company offering RCM services been in operation? How many businesses do they presently support? You should assess their customer service abilities in addition to looking into their professional affiliations. We’re sure this will make your decision process and life both easier.

5. When you have a problem with your account, can you get in touch with them easily and quickly?

Your medical billing outsourcing service provider should offer continuous training and certification to its staff and will prioritize ensuring that each employee complies with the rules for making claims.

To obtain a solid idea of what’s available, ask professional peers for their comments on the RCM service providers they have used in the past and the ones they currently rely on.


Your staff might not be up to date on industry developments, legislative rules, and other modifications to how we handle payments for healthcare services rendered.

You should confirm that the outsourcing medical billing services should help keep an eye on this data. If the billing business informs you in advance of any potential changes to the charge schedule, you can make plans accordingly knowing that you can anticipate earning less money for specific billing codes the next year. The company that provides medical billing services will play a crucial role in your annual budgeting process.

As you can see, there are numerous factors to take into account while trying to increase the revenue flow in your medical practice. Many businesses no longer see the benefit of managing the revenue cycle in-house, especially with the ease with which they can now obtain assistance from reliable experts. The best thing you do in your practice the coming year to boost your finances may be to partner with outsourcing medical billing service provider.

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