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Are you still rely on paper-based medical billing?

Costing alone makes one question why claims clearinghouses aren’t moving towards electronic billing more quickly. You pull your hair and you get frustrated. There’s a lot of paperwork; increasing errors and more frustration building up. It’s all so messy

Even though more than half of today’s patients prefer to receive medical bills electronically, 77 percent of healthcare organizations still use paper-based billing methods for their patients. While recent research has proved that having a partner like MEDISYSDATA for your electronic patient billing and coding; there are fewer denials, faster payments, zero errors and happy patients.

Why Healthcare Providers Are Still Hesitating To Switch?

With so many businesses including banks, MNC companies, and other such service providers are practicing electronic billing today, you might be wondering why healthcare providers are yet onto the manual process.

The certainty is that some healthcare organizations do not want to invest in electronic billing technology, do not have any incentives to forgo paper billing, and have the mindset that the switch is not worthwhile. Well, we show you the benefits of transition that having medical billers and coders like MEDISYSDATA can make a huge difference:

It Brings an Automated Process

When you connect with MEDISYSDATA as your medical billing and coding partner; the electronic billing eliminates the need for healthcare practices to deliver physical bills and automates the entire process. This saves both time and money.

Improved Accuracy

Outsourcing your medical billing and coding to a professional like MEDISYSDATA gives healthcare providers the ability to receive more patient information in a short period of time. It makes it easy to access the reporting charts and connect them to the billing system.

Less of Hassles

Manual billing forces healthcare providers to keep all of their medical billing documents in one place. Misplacing the documents will radically affect a patient’s bill or patient. With MEDISYSDATA, the menace of misplacing a bill or damaging the paperwork can be avoided.

Practices that still rely on paper billing may fail to see the value in overhauling their billing processes. To be an effective and innovative practice, digitize your financial processes to stay ahead of the pack and maximize your collections. Because, even if patients want a digitized platform, they won’t be directly asking their doctors for electronic billing and collections; instead, they will research about the practice and approach one that has adopted advanced billing technology. As more and more health professionals use electronic medical billing systems, their chances of receiving payments also increase.

MEDISYSDATA will translate a patient encounter into the languages used for claims submission and reimbursement. Medical billing and coding include the task of extracting detailed information from the clinical documentation, while MEDISYSDATA uses those codes to create insurance claims and bills for patients.

To speed up the coding process and ensure more accuracy, many providers now use some type of coding software. Partnering with a reliable medical billing company like MEDISYSDATA will be a more practical and affordable solution that ensures accurate medical coding services and flawless medical billing.

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