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CMS eMedicare Initiative will Strengthen and Modernize Medicare

CMS eMedicare Initiative will Strengthen and Modernize Medicare

CMS starts up an initiative with a modernized attitude involving the use of mobile applications and other means of improved technology. It is for the beneficiaries to get an enhanced and simplified way of know-how about the care and coverage they are thinking of to opt for through eMedicare services.

eMedicare is a thoughtful initiative with modernized medicare ways where people get the information about multiple options for their benefits. Just at a single-time they can easily and quickly take the correct decision for themselves and their families. 

The tools to access eMedicare are very common as they use in the private sector. Moreover, other types of services in their lives frequently accessed and this makes it very user-friendly. The enhanced coverage options and differences between the costing of original medicare and medicare advantage can be better understood by the beneficiaries through the tools comprised in the leveled up eMedicare suite. 

It also includes a new set of transparency based tools which make it easy for the consumers to make a comparison between different procedures for their national average costs. Moreover, to keep a check on out-of-pocket costs smartly, a new online service is available for the beneficiaries. 

This eMedicare initiative includes a newly created “What’s Covered” app, which is an advanced but simplified tool. It allows the people with the original medicare to check if their medicare covers a certain service or medical item using their mobile phones anytime and anywhere. This app offers updated and reliable information to the beneficiaries even if their phone is offline.

Day by day as the population of the people with medicare is increasing, this app meets their needs. It has been estimated that the population of Medicare beneficiaries may rise from 57 million beneficiaries in 2016 to near or more than 80 million beneficiaries in 2030. With the change in time as the beneficiaries will try to engage themselves more in the world of advanced technology and innovations in the mobile devices, they will be able to get benefited from the leveled up options in eMedicare.

As per the Pew research center, there has been a 55% increase in internet usage in senior citizens, wherein about 4 in 10 of them which is around 43% do own the smartphones. As yet more than 23,000,00 people have downloaded this new app in less than a month of its launching. This is a remarkable step of the beneficiaries towards the advancement in the practice of usage which is served by eMedicare for their ease.

CMS always works towards innovating and modernizing the medicare facilities for the beneficiaries to ensure proper decisions to be taken by them for their care. This also includes the best of the tools to make sure that it becomes easy on time for the beneficiaries to finely evaluate the providers and help them to opt for the best suitable coverage option.

“eMedicare puts Trump’s leadership into action by providing Medicare beneficiaries a simpler, more innate customer experience,” CMS Administrator Seema Verma said. “Our intent is not to replace traditional channels that beneficiaries trust and depend on, but to improve and enhance them with the emerging digital options to create a user-centered, seamless consumer experience.” The plan for this program will improve opportunities to go digital, offer additional self-serve options thereby creating a seamless multi-channel customer service experience. 

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