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Boost your surgical reimbursement for your Orthopedic Practice

Are you an orthopedic surgeon? It’s time to ask this question yourself. Are you doing everything that you can boost your surgical reimbursement for your Orthopedic Practice? In surgical cases, many times complex, required multiple procedures are involved to resolve [...]


Updates in Medicare Provider Enrollment Applications

The Medicare enrollment applications have some updates (CMS-855 or Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS)) is an Office of Management and Budget approved forms and are available in PDF fillable formats. These formats allow a user to [...]


Revenue Cycle Management Billing Challenges

By making patient billing processes more automated using modern payment systems can be an option to improve revenue cycle management services. According to recent survey, patient accountability was also a major issue for participants, who reported its difficult time for [...]


Top Telehealth Questions and Answers

An open and well-designed telehealth software application may make virtual visits with your patients seems simple. Telehealth is a very easy and innovatively new way to treat your patients online. We have listed some top telehealth questions and answers [...]


ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines

As per ICD10-CM Official Guidelines, your choice of diagnosis code is based on the actual diagnostic statement provided by physician. But it depends on case to case basis. The Official Guideline Wording The 2019 ICD-10-CM Official Guideline (OG)   Coder always assigns code [...]