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How to Achieve Highest Clean Claim Rate?

Do you have any idea about your practice’s clean claim submission rate? If you don’t know then you need to know and if it’s not highest means if it’s not at least above 90 to 95% then you need [...]


How Medical Billing Company Can Increase Collection?

Medical billing company can handle many of the medical billing and administrative work of physicians practice. It helps that the physician can focus on their patients. An experienced medical billing company can be more organized with capable operation team. [...]


Cardiology Billing and Coding Best Practices

Cardiology billing and coding is complex so often it leads to challenges in reimbursement for practice. The charges for services are differently depending on where the services were provided for example in same day surgery centers, in a hospital [...]


Boost your surgical reimbursement for your Orthopedic Practice

Are you an orthopedic surgeon? It’s time to ask this question yourself. Are you doing everything that you can boost your surgical reimbursement for your Orthopedic Practice? In surgical cases, many times complex, required multiple procedures are involved to resolve [...]