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How to Prevent Medical Billing Errors at Your Practice?

To sustain business and growth you need steady incoming flow of revenue. To ensure this we have suggested some tips to prevent medical billing errors.

Stay updated with medical billing and coding trends

Due to many modifications in healthcare regulations, medical codes are constantly changing. Newly discovered illnesses and newfound treatments are constantly get updated in medical coding. So, it’s important to keep up to date with new billing codes and procedures as they arise.

Avoid Duplicate Medical Billing

To avoid errors your billers need to be careful not to bill for services more than once. This is very common and self-explanatory task. This may happen if more than one person is working on same information. It’s crucial to thorough in verifying each patient’s billing to avoid such complications.

Be careful: Inadvertent upcoding or undercoding

Upcoding and undercoding both are illegal. This can result in fines or criminal prosecution. These are often financially beneficial practice some way. Upcoding happens when codes are entered into system for patient’s bill for service which were not received. These practices use because many times this inflates the total amount owned to a provider. Undercoding takes place on patient’s bill when to avoid an audit. But undercoding can be happen accidently as well and not purposefully. Junior or who has less experience in medical billing and coding can make undercoding mistake.

File Medical Claims within Deadline

Filing claims always has deadlines. You cannot do much when they’re late. Timely filling denials are the difficult to appeal. But there is way to avoid this missing deadline. Keep running list of most common deadlines needed and set up time-sensitive tasks to your staff to audit unfiled claims. Calendar event or reminder can also serve as a helpful way to resolve this issue.

Audit of Medical Billing and Coding

When you have other responsibilities and you are also involved in medical billing and coding services then generally there are chances of making an error. Some of common errors to avoid if possible by having an internal audit of submitted claims:

  • Submitting wrong information for insurance, patient or provider
  • Entering ICD-10-CM codes with too many or too few digits
  • Not codes submitted at all in a given claim
  • Submitting incorrect CPT codes

By using these simple steps you can avoid medical billing errors. However these tips definitely require time and effort to do it successfully.

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