Critical reasons to outsource your cardiology billing in Florida

Critical reasons to outsource your cardiology billing in Florida

If you operate with an in house cardiology medical billing department understanding the new code must have been a task for your team members. They need adequate training, which most of the in-house billing team lack. In such a scenario outsourcing cardiology billing services to a trusted partner is the best option but many cardiologists in Florida have. However, many of them have apprehensions.

Here are the top reasons as to why outsourcing to a cardiology billing service to a dedicated company is the best solution:

Reduction in Fees

Once again the Medicare fees for cardiology billing services are reduced by 2% in 2019. This has now become repetitive as the same happened in the last years as well. There would be a major income loss for cardiologist in Florida if cardiology billing suffers a 2% fee drop. To save cash and keep the practice floating consider outsourcing cardiology billing services to a reputed cardiology billing company.


As said earlier, the new healthcare reforms have deeply affected the specialty medical billing and coding while leading to a few changes. The changes include upgrading technology & software, training the in –house staff, adhering to new rules and regulations. On the outset, it requires a lot of money to perform all these tasks. A simple way to avoid this to outsourcing the cardiology medical billing services to a professional company.

Juggling the business

To juggle between the front and back-end of the cardiology medical billing services and patient care is a huge task for most cardiology practitioners. Unsatisfactory staff training, pile up of AR, claim denials are already causing great loss for the practice. And in all this, how can one possibly focus on patient care when most of their time is spent in monitoring the billing and managing revenue losses. That is why cardiologist should outsource cardiology billing services.

Other critical reasons to outsource cardiology billing services

  • Tailored billing solutions
  • Showing monthly audits
  • Tracing progress and looking for areas of improvement
  • Enriched collection
  • Faster turn-around-time
  • Productivity is good
  • Timely follow-up on claims
  • Avoiding AR pile-ups

Swift payment posting

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