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Every cardiology practice faces billing and coding challenges. Rapidly evolving technologies and increasingly complex treatment protocols including endovascular surgery, electrophysiology, diagnostic tests and E & M services make cardiology coding, billing and reimbursement extremely challenging for your practice. Cardiology coding is complex and requires experienced, trained and certified coders to accurately code the interventional procedures such as cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, percutaneous coronary intervention, stents, atherectomy etc.

Medisys Data Solutions brings over 15 years of cardiology billing and coding experience to your practice. Your cardiology practice needs the skills and experience to handle complex interventional procedures. We at Medisys Data Solutions are recognized in Cardiology medical billing and coding services

Below Are A Few Steps From Cardiology Billing Professionals

  • Reduce human error: Double-checking the codes is very important as the cardiology codes are complex. Frequently used codes can be memorized and used by coders to avoid human error.
  • Monitoring updates on cardiology coding: Keeping abreast with the coding updates by maintaining ICD 10 CM, PCS, HCPCS, CPT code books is imperative. CMS website publishes frequent updates to the coding rules and guidelines. The AHA (American Heart Association) publishes frequent newsletters. Frequent reference to CMS websites and subscriptions to articles will keep the providers updated on cardiology coding. Coding to the highest degree of specificity should be followed by all cardiologists.
  • Accurate Documentation: Incorrect or inaccurate documentation delays the reimbursement cycle of claims. Documentation gaps in cardiology interventional procedures may lead to revenue losses for healthcare providers.
  • Quality checks and audits: Regular quality checks and frequent audits of coding is a must to avoid repetition of errors. There needs to be open communication between physicians, coders, billers. Cardiologists need to be educated by coders and billers frequently used ICD and CPT codes by the practice and denials/rejections.

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