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Top 8 Challenges with Documentation in ASC Billing and Coding

Top 8 Challenges with Documentation in ASC Billing and Coding

Scores of surgery centers have been financially crippled during the pandemic, a majority of the centers have worsened situations due to poor documentation in the ASC medical billing and coding.

An entire ASC revenue cycle process comprises timely transcription services, claims management, expert business intelligence analytics, and accurate coding. A single mistake in any of the steps and the entire system goes for a toss. However, specialty -based nuances tend to happen when the in-house medical billing team is not trained well-enough to handle the challenges which arise in the documentation in the ASC billing and coding. 

Let’s glance through the in-house cumbersome and laborious challenges with the documentation in ASC medical billing and coding, shall we? 

  • Coding error: Insignificant coding such as missing implants, usage of wrong modifiers, and not coding bilateral procedures can result in coding discrepancies between claims. At Medisys Data Solutions, our outsource medical billing services team ensures that medical coding and billing is performed with utmost precision to reduce the denied claims. 
  • Unreconciled billing: Reconcile billing is very significant to assure that all the cases already performed have been billed. Furthermore, the inhouse team ends up missing to track the unbilled cases and to resolve the issue. However, at Medisys Data Solutions, we ensure that unreconciled billing is taken care of for a smooth medical coding and billing process. 
  • Inadequate patient information: To ensure precise and accurate ASC medical coding and billing, it is very significant to have a systematic patient chart in place.  From medical records, payment plan agreements, implant logs, insurance identification and patient payment receipts, everything needs to be assembled comprehensively, which goes for a toss when handled by the in-house team. However, our outsource medical billing services team at Medisys Data Solutions ensures that the implant logs and invoices are well-recorded to avoid any loss of revenue. 
  • Not being able to address Local Coverage Determination: It is very crucial to understand the LCDs for thorough documentation and getting rid of the unnecessary claim denials. Medisys Data Solutions’ outsource medical billing services team steps into the picture to ensure that the LCDs are addressed. 
  • Not keeping up with payer contracts: The payer contracts are subject to frequent changes which call for different rules and regulations when it comes to LCDs, bundled payments, etc. However, Medisys Data Solutions’ outsource medical billing services team ensures to keep a track and review the payer contracts periodically to avoid any sort of challenges in the ASC medical billing and coding. 
  • Lack of documentation: Even after the payer has submitted all the documents, extra necessary information pops up which causes slowing down the entire process of ASC medical billing and coding. At Medisys Data Solutions, we ensure that the documentation is well taken care of to keep up with the rapid-response and fast-track the process. 
  • Needless procedures: Scores of the claim denials take place because the codes mention that there is absence of the “medical necessity”. This leads to the situation of undercoding, which results in absence of information to the payor about the entire procedure. Our outsource medical billing services team at Medisys Data Solutions assures managing the medical coding and billing system well. 
  • Claim form issues: An incorrectly filled claim form lands the in-house team in a lot of trouble. Cross-checking each field in the form is significant to ensure that there are no missing modifiers, the revenue codes are correct and the CPT codes have zero error. A random audit takes the team a long way; however, it becomes overwhelming to check each and every claim form. To fill in the shoes of the in-house team and take care of the medical billing and coding process smoothly, Medisys Data Solutions is here with the team of experts. 

Why choose Medisys Data Solution for documentation in ASC Medical Billing and Coding

If the billing process is not streamlined or modifications are not made in a timely manner to keep up then the ASCs may become financially mismanaged. For this reason, a majority of ASCs outsource their ASC medical billing and coding to the ASC medical billing experts. This eliminates the significant headache of controlling revenues to remain afloat. Your practice’s financial lifeline can be protected and your total cash flow can be improved with the help of our outsource medical billing services team. 

At Medisys Data Solutions we ensure to address the lingering challenges effectively with actionable insights and proven strategies. With our outsource medical billing services team  on-board you can be assured of transparent reporting of clean claims, and collecting more revenue. We ensure our offerings will allow you to operate at your maximum potential! We’re merely one tap away!

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