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Top 10 FAQs on Outsourcing Mental Health Billing

Top 10 FAQ's on Mental Health Billing

Does your mind have lingering thoughts about outsourcing mental health billing to a reputed mental health billing company? You’re not alone and wrong for thinking in this direction.

We have crafted the top asked questions to ensure that you can make a sound decision. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Is mental health billing expensive?

At the very heart of your decision, you’re picking a mental health billing company to streamline your revenue management cycle, skyrocket revenue and decrease the burdening costs. Thus, you should know that professionals’ of the mental health billing services would come at a cost. However, there are scores of mental health billing companies that ensures you have experts at your rescue without costing you a fortune. We ensure you receive the greatest benefits possible without having to pay for extra services that are not necessary and are often included with mental health billing solutions.

2. How do the mental health billing companies keep up with the changes in the healthcare industry?

The mental health billing companies always stay up-to-date with the changes and trends which take place in the mental healthcare sector. They hold immense expertise in this field, understand how to tap the right resources and deliver the results to drive revenue. This medical billing companies use advanced technology and expert human resources to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best.

3. How is mental health billing different from mental health billing?

Mental health billing is very different from medical billing due to a myriad range of factors such as, pre-authorization, front office staff, standardized billing procedures, administrative staff handling, and differing nature of primary care. In simple terms, mental health billing requires more patience, expertise, knowledge, in-depth focus and time than medical billing. Furthermore, the therapists and counselors deliver services, which differs significantly from the way other medical practitioners do so.

4. Do the sessions in mental health billing require pre-authorization?

This is something that differs amongst insurers. Majority of the time, pre-authorization is not necessary for an initial session or routine office visit. Additional services like psychological testing might need the insurer’s agreement. Additionally, some insurance companies only permit a certain number of appointments without prior authorization before requesting it for any additional visits.

5. What are the benefits of outsourcing the mental health billing to the mental health billing companies?

There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing mental health billing services to the mental health billing companies:

  • Knowledge of compliance lowers the denial rate
  • You can base your selections on more accurate revenue estimates if you have financial competence
  • Understanding how insurance companies react to various claims is improved by experience in managing billing services across a diverse range of substance misuse treatment facilities
  • You can concentrate on what you do best
  • Revenues will be increased while operational expenditures will be decreased
  • Advocates and trustworthy partnerships are established

6. How do the mental health billing companies comply with the HIPAA?

An ideal mental health billing company must be HIPAA compliant because if the processes are not HIPAA regulated then your business can sink. Thus, ensure that the mental health billing company you pick is HIPAA compliant to stay out of trouble and ensure a streamlined revenue management cycle.

7. Does mental health billing require professionals or can it be taken care of by the in-house team?

Billing for medical and mental health services is a skill that calls for training, work experience, and continual professional development.

8. What aspect of mental health billing is the most challenging?

The numerous hoops that each insurance company requires the biller to jump through is the most challenging component for clinicians that handle mental health billing. When a counselor or other healthcare worker has to see patients while also filing insurance claims, time management becomes a big problem. Learning how diagnosis codes function and even where and how to submit each claim requires time.

9. What makes Medisys data solutions the top mental health billing company?

There is a reason why we have a broad client database and healthy partnerships. We have the best professionals of the mental health billing industry who offer comprehensive services to ensure that your mental health setting can speed up revenue collection with the advanced technologies.

10. How does Medisys data solutions affect us as a mental health setting?

With years of expertise on both the provider and administrative sides of the behavioral health and drug industries, we have developed some of the best billing procedures in mental health billing. No facility is too big or too small for us, and we always go above and beyond what your standard billing service would offer. We take a hands-on approach to offer nothing but the best.

Wrapping Up

It’s a difficult decision with a lot of possible risks and rewards to decide to work with a third-party biller for the first time or to transition from one biller to another. Before choosing, we think it’s critical to make an informed decision. The procedure of charging for mental health services is not always simple or easy. However, you may take on your practice’s billing if you have patience, persistence, and perhaps even a little guidance from someone who has already done it.  As an alternative, a reputable billing business can be hired to handle mental health billing services. Some counselors discover that it is preferable to assign billing responsibilities to others and balance the costs by seeing a few more clients during the time they would have spent invoicing insurance claims. At Medisys Data Solutions, we ensure that we give our clients nothing less than the best and toss away the challenges. Let’s commence a healthy revenue cycle for your mental health setting, shall we?

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