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Patients are unsatisfied with provider’s poor digital medical billing process

Patients are unsatisfied with provider's poor digital medical billing process

Medical bills in the notoriously twisted health insurance matters are at times quite confusing for the patients. Sometimes, patients may grumble to visit back if they are confused about what they owe or what their insurance can pay for. They may fear for going ahead for further treatment, rather may not approach either.

The reason for this bad experience of patient treatment is an overlooked way of billing and payment for medical processes. This may lead to lined up complaining patients. Eventually, physicians experience an increase in bad debts year over year. Thus, confusing medical bills and disliked collections make it an unsatisfactory clinical experience. Many of them prefer not to go to their health care provider due to unsatisfying experience with online bill pay system, online pre-appointment questionnaire and delivery of bills either by mobiles or emails.

Need to build a foundation

There is a need to prevent the billing process from tarnishing patients’ experience. Healthcare providers must focus on these two aiming tactics…

  • Responsibly understand and meet patients’ expectations. 
  • Empower them positively, to be accountable for meeting their financial responsibilities.

The healthcare practice billing department must be presented as friendly, professional and dedicated to serving with the utmost worry less collection process. But to over heed the billing and collection process on top of care for the patients can be a cause of concern. This may negatively impact on the quality of the care and practice overall. Eventually may affect the communication between staff and patients.

Hence there is a need to invest in training the people. There must be separate staff who shall be primarily responsible for collections and insurance information. Well, in reality, most of the hospitals cannot cope up to assign or hire the exclusively tasked employees for billing and collections. In this scenario, these responsibilities can be outsourced. This can confirm the effective billing and follow up ideas and ensure payment of bills by the patients.

Outsourcing helps to level up the interactions and to build a positive patient perception about healthcare experience eventually secure reimbursements. The key to secure positive experience and safeguard payments from consumers is minimal fussiness and easy on hand tricks.

It is quite easy to deal with joyful patients as with their low-stress level and comfort may accomplish faster recovery of health outcomes and payments. That’s important for an efficient and successful business. Also, satisfied and happy patients are less likely to get attracted to other doctors and hospitals. It’s a long term unsaid investment for future reaps. And remember that the patients’ reviews are equally important as it speaks in volume about the overall experience which can affect good or otherwise about the future number of patients.

There is just a need to be an outstanding organization to address patients proactively with some extra training, renewed way of commitment for patient satisfaction and a bunch of fine tools to boost the required patient retention.

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