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Medical Billing: Charge Entry Process

Medical Billing: Charge Entry Process

Charge entry is the important process in medical billing cycle. It is the process of entering appropriate $ value as per the codes and appropriate fee schedule in the CMS1500 form in medical billing software. These charges will determine the reimbursement amount for the physicians rendered service. All data that are added in CMS1500 form should be error-free and in an approved manner.

What is charge entry process?

At Medisys Data, we follow a well-designed charge entry process. The detailed steps followed through a process ensure that required checks are done at each step. Our structured approach enables us to provide error free charge entry process to our clients.

What is the process of charge entry in medical billing?

Charge entry process flow chart

Charge-Entry-Process Charge entry process ensure physicians to receive proper payments from payer. Attention to details is the key to get the success in charge entry process. Every entry must be entered accurately to get paid timely. Medisys Data have been providing a complete healthcare RCM services to number of physicians across the USA. Our billing staff has multiple years of experience in this field, they can make sure that all your entries are entered accurately in order to receive correct reimbursement.

What is a charge capture?

In charge capture process, provider use to get paid for services rendered. Provider document all patient details in the medical record, provider or their billing company or inhouse coding staff assign codes for claims. Billing person then translate these codes into charges.

When to perform charge entry?

Once physician complete the scheduled appointment, he should share all the required details to billing staff to enter charges. The goal should be for all providers is to post the charges the same day the services are rendered. The longer it takes to post the charges, the longer it will take to get paid for the services from the insurance company. You can always set a goal for the number of acceptable days to post charges.

Incomplete Charges

Incomplete charges mean that those appointments that do not have charges posted in patient account. This can happen if the billing person posting the charges and missing a charge marked on the encounter form. Or if the physician doesn’t mark all the charges in the encounter form. Missing charges reports should be run from the medical billing software to determine appointments that do not have any charges posted. To find partially missed charges, review the charts with the encounter forms and the charges posted to the accounts. You can use the results of the review to monitor the performance of the staff responsible for posting charges.

Accurate Coding

Many practice managements and/or billing software have a claim scrubber to identify claim errors before the claims are transmitted. This can flag an error to the billing expert an opportunity to fix all errors prior to claim submission. An example of a coding edit is a code is not billable. This can happen if there has been a code change, such as a deleted code, and the practice management system has not been updated with the new CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II codes.

Our Billing team has extensive experience and understanding of the US healthcare industry. Feel free to get in touch with our billing experts to know more about Charge Entry in revenue cycle management. We can help your practice to smoother your charge entry process. Get in touch with us today to boost your collection.

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