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How to Overcome Telemedicine Challenges?

How to Overcome Telemedicine Challenges?

The telemedicine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% over the forecast period 2019 to 2026 as more hospitals and healthcare facilities bring this technology online. Telehealth has the potential to reduce healthcare costs, improve patient outreach and health outcomes, and change the way providers treat their patients.

There are many benefits of telemedicine, but they don’t all come without valid worries. The good news is that you can overcome these challenges by having a proper plan. Here are few telemedicine challenges to take into account and effective strategies for overcoming them.

Low Quality Care

Some patient think that they have scheduled a virtual appointment with a physician, that physician may be less qualified than their earlier physician. Approximately 45%+ patients are worried that they may receive low quality care if they use telehealth and they worry that telehealth might be managed by poorly trained and underfunded. Thanks to existing patients who have previously been visited at your office will already know the quality of your practice.

Telehealth use increased due to Covid-19 because telehealth services can facilitate public health mitigation strategies during this pandemic by increasing social distancing.

Good Quality Camera

To mitigate low quality care concern, you need to use quality camera equipment. Good quality camera is a great way to ensure your patients can clearly see you as the visit progresses.

Patient Details

Early knowing your patient’s general medical history and immediate reason for making an appointment assure that their time is not needlessly wasted going over what should already have been clear.

Health Information Security

Patients want to feel secure and they need to know that using telehealth will not result in their information falling to wrong hands. If you do not take care of basic security measures that can lead to potential data leaks.

To provide assurance to your patients, let them know that your practice is using HIPAA compliant telehealth software. You assure them that every patient’s health information or any other personal information is kept completely safe and secure and is never made public.

Telehealth Service Awareness

Many physicians recently started using Telehealth due to pandemic. Many patients aren’t aware about that you are running your practice and you accept telehealth appointments. You need to make sure that all your existing patients are aware about your telehealth availability.

Patients are Comfortable with Telehealth

Though there are many challenges in telehealth, patients are always feeling comfortable with telehealth. According to The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, “As access to telemedicine grows, this survey finds that most Americans age 18 and older  are open to using telemedicine services, either for themselves or for an older loved one they provide care to, for a range of reasons—88 percent of adults are comfortable with the idea of using telemedicine for either a medical consultation, ongoing care to manage a chronic illness, or a visit for an urgent health concern.”

As government started to settle around the COVID-19 crisis, telehealth has emerged as an essential technology than ever. Telehealth seems to have taken on a permanent status in healthcare IT industry.

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