General Surgery Medical Billing and its Challenges

General Surgery Medical Billing and its Challenges

General surgery comprises a large number of surgical procedures – from kidney surgery, pancreas, thoracic and abdominal surgery, liver transplantation, gastrointestinal (GI) tract surgery, to elective surgery and breast surgery. General surgery itself is a complex and a vast territory of health care that includes numerous sub-specialties, and related billing for each specialty may be critical and challenging. General surgery medical billing covers different procedures along with diagnosis, treatment, and follow up visits. Billing related to general surgery comprises of complex procedures and these procedures have to be perform by healthcare provider who is totally authorized and qualified.

Most of the general surgery professionals are worried about patient care and it is one of the major challenges. In addition to this, the number of health care service providers are worried about business scenarios of health care too, specifically about medical billing and coding. There have been incidences of losing money in errors and mistakes if your medical facility already bills for general surgery. It is critical to lower such kinds of losses. Let us understand meticulously regarding general surgery medical billing and its challenges.

Process of General Surgery Billing

General surgery billing encompasses a large array of procedures that almost all of them fall under the equivalent encompassing category. Billing for all these services starts with appropriate documentation for offered services after, during, and before each procedure. To make general surgery practice financially accomplished, separate attention has to be given to numerous factors, specifically, information of patients and services. Payments of the providers are majorly calculated by these factors, therefore, entered information must be correct and proper.

Billing Software for General Surgery Billing

Billing software for general surgery billing can manage numerous processes that support your practice. Moreover, with the help of these software the revenue cycle works more efficiently, including billing, scheduling, and organization. Nevertheless, every time a program does not account for mistakes that cause stress and expected to a loss in the revenue.

What is the cost of General Surgery Billing Service?

Outsourcing third party billing service for general surgery billing could definitely enhance the net profit. However, you should be confident enough that the particular organization of which you paid for the management of your billing must have knowledge of all aspects of general surgery specialty. Furthermore, with outsourced billing service, you may be confident the agents working with you have adequate expertise in ensuring a friendly, competent payer relationship when you get every dollar you earn.

It is easier for you to outsource medical billing services rather than appointing separate billing specialist, it saves your time and money in recruiting and training the specialist. Outsourced billing organizations can take care of the collection process as well as billing patients and insurance providers.

General Surgery Medical Billing Challenges

Billing errors and coverage

According to an article published in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, it is anticipated that around 80% of medical bills have errors. Payers are very keen at the same time strict on following accurate medical billing and coding procedures. A minute mistake in the claim can result in medical billing claim declination.

Correcting errors is not a short process that involves re-submission of medical billing claims by general surgery practitioners and then waiting for re-submitted claims to be approved and processed. Such types of minor billing mistakes can cause practitioners to have to wait for many months to get reimbursed for offered services. Having our organization as your medical billing and coding partner may fix and nullify this issue thoroughly by following proper medical billing and coding guidelines and procedures.

Failing to keep upgraded on medical billing guidelines

It has been witnessed that medical billing and coding guidelines keep changing. It is important for doctors, general surgery practitioners, and administrators to give time and money on continuous educating and training of staff and up-gradation of software in order to have a positive effect on net profit and cash flow which ultimately impacts the revenue cycle.

Eye for detail

The most complex phase while managing medical billing procedures is that understanding codes and guidelines and analyzing them. The method of integrating various information derived from descriptions and eventually coming at the destination code is exciting. One should understand that initially, it will be very complicated. In addition to this, it can generate a large number of human errors.

Therefore, outsourcing your medical billing can make a major difference. We at Medisys offer correct services and therefore confirm maximum reimbursement for your surgery procedures while lowering claim declination and payment delays. With the help of our expert professionals, you can perform your job more effectively as well as efficiently. This could eliminate human errors and accelerate the process. Finally, we take the required steps to stay updated with the changing demands of the healthcare industry.

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