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What is advance beneficiary notice in medical billing

What is advance beneficiary notice in medical billing?

An advance beneficiary notice is a written notice (standard government form CMS-R-131) from Medicare, given to patient before they receive certain equipment or services, notifying patient that: Medicare may not provide reimbursement for that specific procedure or treatment Patient will personally [...]


Patient Collections: Strategy to success for DME suppliers

DME suppliers are living in an era where increasing patient liability is adding to the growing struggle to maintain a positive cash flow and keep their businesses afloat. There has been no easy button, but until now. One of the [...]


Tips to solve the payment puzzle in DME billing

As a certified DME biller and coder there are a number of tasks that establish the reimbursement process and leads to the successful growth of revenue cycle management. Outsourcing your work priorities to experienced medical billing company will enable [...]