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Why Should You Hire A Medical Billing Company Right Before ThanksGiving?

Why to hire Medical Billing Company right before ThanksGiving?

 With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s that time of year when we genuinely think about giving thanks for all the things we’re grateful for in our lives. However, being thankful extends beyond the sentimental warmth we experience over a huge Thanksgiving Turkey meal. Doesn’t it?

In reality, a number of studies have revealed that developing the habit of noticing and appreciating the positive has a discernible influence on one’s health and wellbeing. Furthermore, it’s crucial in the frequently taxing and demanding industry of health care. Gratitude can increase doctors’ job happiness, enable them to empathize with patients better, and prevent burnout. Let’s do the bare minimum of thanking all the physicians at medical settings, shall we?

On a similar note, during holidays, life seems to be a little busier than usual, and Thanksgiving Day is no exception. Particularly, more patients are anticipated to visit hospitals and clinics. We all can agree that thanksgiving can be super-taxing considering that medical settings have an influx of patients. In such situations, it is better to hire professionals to take care of the exhausting medical billing process. Let’s understand how a medical billing provider helps you up your game and stay at the top of the graph even with the holiday season around.

Benefits of Medical Billing Outsourcing with Thanksgiving Around the Corner 

When it comes to outsourcing, this is what you can expect- Superior systems, efficient procedures, specialized personnel, and cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, it leads to better outcomes and a sizable drop in costs. The top advantages of outsourcing billing services are mentioned below:

Big discounts:

Scores of medical billing companies offer a huge chunk of discounts to the medical settings when thanksgiving is right around the corner. No one wants to pass a deal like that? Circling around the same, Medisys Data Solutions has some news for you. We promise that you’re not ready for this! Hear us out! We’re offering a big 20% off on the first 3 invoices, free credentialing and $4.99 per hour billing. Yes, you heard us right!

Tossing away overspending:

when it comes to medical settings, you must have spent on your in-house team to get the ball running and cover medical bills. However, answer this question with utmost honesty. Did you really save money? You ended up spending on their training, in-house resources, technology and other unforeseen finances popping on the surface. We’re sure you’ve saved enough money by thanksgiving and spending all of it on the in-house team is not a good option. Rather, be wise and invest merely a chunk of your savings in a medical billing outsourcing company.  Furthermore, with so many offers lingering on the surface, resorting to a medical outsourcing company is the best option.

Remove money stuck with insurances:

We’ve heard a lot of medical settings complain about their money getting stuck with insurances. Why? Simply because the in-house team doesn’t know how to figure the process out. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is best to loosen up all the strings and gain all the money which was causing you a big loss. 

Now let’s glance through the scores of other benefits of outsourcing medical billing.

  1. Medical staff can closely monitor patient care:

    The first advantage of outsourcing medical billing is that it frees up more time for patient care. During the time of festivities, you will naturally have more time in hand to concentrate on delivering high-quality care when you don’t have to communicate with payers and submit claims. The long queue does not need to wait merely because of Thanksgiving day. You can take care of more patients, while medical billing providers can take care of the complex billing process.

  2. Decreased Labor Costs and Billing Errors:

    The practice or facility will be responsible for expenditures associated with hiring, training, and onboarding new employees when preparing for in-house billing. The monthly expenses will also include salaries and other benefits. Additionally, billing businesses ensure that they employ experienced, qualified, and professional medical billers onboard. During thanksgiving, with queues of patients, there is a lot of scope for the in-house physicians to cause errors in medical bills. However, when you resort to professionals, less billing mistakes are made, and submissions are made on time.

  1. Lowers the cost of logistics

    You can spend those extra dimes saved on your thanksgiving celebrations. If you recruit billing staff, you’ll need to set up an office space, computer software, and hardware, costing you a fortune. However, when you outsource medical billing services, you will save money on all such expenses. You’re welcome!

  2. Increases Practitioners’ Income:

    Billing outsourcing is unquestionably beneficial, but it also increases clients’ earnings. Denied claims lead healthcare providers to lose a lot of money each year. By outsourcing, you may stop income loss and maintain a steady flow of claims even during festivities like Thanksgiving.

  3. Accelerates the Revenue Cycle during Thanksgiving:

    Quick claim submission is ensured by efficient billing services. Their quicker reimbursement expedites the RCM procedure. Remember that medical providers suffer significant financial losses as a result of refused claims. Medical billing businesses utilize a stronger system to guarantee quality.

In appreciation for the tremendous work done by the whole healthcare sector and out of a sense of gratitude, Medisys Data Solutions feels compelled to extend a warm thank you during this month of Thanksgiving to every other vertical in the industry. In addition to preparing to express its gratitude to the entire medical community in a special way, Medisys Data Solutions is working to make these practices happier by increasing their revenue through a streamlined revenue management cycle.

Why choose Medisys Data Solutions for Medical Billing Services? 

The following are emphasized by us as our strengths and the drivers of our success. Our chest swells with pride to mark our green flags. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of medical and DME billing
  • Easy and hassle-free onboarding for new customers
  • Excellent control over pending, and rejected claims and receivables
  • Communication that is smooth and open at every stage of the medical billing process
  • Devoted, knowledgeable, and certified billing and coding team for your DME facility with top-notch claim management system
  • Your questions and clarifications will be answered immediately and in real-time

Wrapping Up

We would like to thank all of the doctors and offer to help them in any way we can with their medical billing needs. As a result, their workload will be lessened, which will lessen burnout. so that doctors won’t have to worry about the billing process and can concentrate on their primary responsibility of healing patients. What are you waiting for? You professionals onboard are merely one dial away! Let’s together make thanksgiving easier for your medical setting, shall we?

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