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Top 3 Medical Billing Companies Reviews

Physicians are in search of leading medical billing companies in the USA whenever they want to outsource medical billing services. Specialty is one of the biggest considerations in selecting a top medical billing company. Search for billing companies that are expert in your specialty, then have them code sample charts for you to see how well they do. Make sure to speak with current references of theirs that are in your same medical billing speacialty.

Here are top 3 medical billing companies’ reviews:

1. Medisys Data Solutions Inc.

Medisys is group of medical billing experts who offer comprehensive billing and coding services to doctors, physicians & hospitals. They provide end to end billing and coding solutions. Medisys Data RCM solutions ensures that the providers recover every $ (dollar) they are entitled to. Their vision for the providers is “You Cure. We $ecure.”

Medisys is a leading medical billing company in the USA. They have authentication of HIPAA. It ensures all Medisys services are secure. They ensure you error free claim submission with minimal denials. They have customized medical billing service packages to cater unique needs of physicians.

Medisys allocate a dedicated billing team to each account. It helps the billing or practice manager to have daily or hourly contact with the billing team staff. This strengthens the process, and knows what steps to take if and when a service issues arises.

Medisys pricing structure is very affordable from medium size practices to large group of physicians practices.

2. Advanced MD

It’s the most affordable, flexible medical billing service on the market & it gives you the transparency you need to enhance your practice performance. They offer you the best of both worlds: our in-house team of financial experts handles your medical billing, while you maintain full transparency into your practice’s financial performance. They help you pinpoint financial opportunities so you can drive practice revenue while they fast-track your billing processes and collections.

3. AthenaHealth

Long after software vendors have moved on to the next sale, athenahealth continues to partner with clients. Once you’re on the network, they work to improve your organization’s clinical and financial health by showing exactly how you compare to high-performing providers now, and what tactics you can apply for substantial growth. Pricing is based on a percent of collections, ensuring that they have skin in the game to continuously drive results for their clients.

Still have doubts about to whom to hire as your medical billing service company? Connect today with Medisys billing manager to know more about their services.

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