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Tips to increase collection in Chiropractic Medical Coding and Billing

Tips to increase collection in Chiropractic Medical Coding and Billing

To become successful in chiropractic medical billing and coding practices have a number of elements to look into. This includes a savvy practice management, strong accounts receivables, a well trained staff, and the capability to properly code and document diagnoses.

As a well-established chiropractic medical billing and coding company we have compiled our best resources to help healthcare units navigate the intricate landscape of chiropractic revenue management. Whether it is to increase monthly revenue, decrease denials or simply improve your practice performance, we are there to help you in each and every step.

At Medisys we offer chiropractic billing and coding services via a dedicated and team of experts in order to accomplish maximum reimbursements. Our professionals specializing in billing and coding for chiropractic services possess in-depth knowledge and experience in processing chiropractic claims with adhering to the altering federal regulations and insurance schemes.

Here are few successful tips to increase your chiropractic medical billing collection:

Analyze Accounts Receivable

If you are still unaware, remember that approximately 20 percent of claims are never reimbursed due to billing negligence and up to 50 percent of re-submitted, which never get paid. To remain a steady practice you should be averaging under 45 days in the AR days and look to take it down to 30 days.

Diminish Excessive AR

Here are some handy tips to reducing the accounts receivable excess:

  • Always separate AR by insurance and patient balances
  • Detach various insurance payer types, and understand how their detailed guidelines affect your accounts receivable management.
  • Recognize key offending payers by the outstanding amount.
  • Check monthly reimbursement trends for each insurer.

Improve the insurance verification process

The chiropractic medical billing and coding claims management process begins as soon as a patient first makes an appointment with a doctor’s office or healthcare provider. A robust emphasis must be placed on recording the precise patient data, which including insurance information, demography details and provider eligibility.

Sending Clean Claims

There’s never a bigger satisfaction then sending clean claims at the first go itself. Agreed, that it might take some extra time of a minute or so per claim to thoroughly scrub it for initial submission, however, if the claim is denied, it will end up taking a month to sort things out, and submit a fresh claim.

Get Help – Connect with a Chiropractic Medical Billing and Coding Service Provider

As a physician keeping up with all the normal and day-to-day tasks at the medical facility of your chiropractic office isn’t easy. In fact, the in-house staff must work attentively and systematically to review suspended claims and investigate where gaps exist when we think about compliance, billing errors and timeliness. The best way to run a successful chiropractic facility, align your priorities with Medisys, and feel the difference of a seamless revenue management service that steadies the income cycle of your facility. 

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