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Tips for selection of best EHR software for your medical practice in 2020

Tips for selection of best EHR software for your medical practice in 2020

Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) software is a computer system that helps healthcare providers to manage patient medical records and automate clinical workflows. This software enables providers to deliver the modern standards of patient care while enjoying government incentives. EHR system provides a patient’s entire medical history to the logistical aspects of running practice in one place. EHR systems can be used by physicians and staff to deliver more effective treatment as well as create more comprehensive health records that circulate across every point of care. However, many different systems and vendors offer EHR software Therefore, the selection of best EHR software for your medical practice is a critical decision that needs careful planning.

Tips for the selection of the right EHR software for your medical practice includes clear and critical practice requirements gathering, detailed analysis of accomplishment of specific goals, user-friendliness of the system, customer support, and negotiation of the contract.

Every medical practice is different and has different requirements for their EHRs. It is necessary to select software that fulfills all requirements while prioritizing mandatory functions and capabilities of medical practice. Some vendors only focused on specialty EHRs for specific practice which suits the needs of specialty practice than general EHR systems.

Practices investing in a selection of best EHRs should define detail goals to accomplish through EHR software hence specific guidelines help providers to ensure that the outcomes of their EHR software are specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant and time-bound. These outcome helps to evaluate the EHR software for a particular practice.

One of the most important aspects of EHR software is the ease of use. If a system isn’t user-friendly, then the user struggles to accomplish routine tasks. Practioner must take advantage of live demonstrations and free trials of EHR systems offered by vendors to evaluate a suitable system for their practice. Common types of EHR demo include non-interactive video, interactive trial demo, vendor directed demo and live site demo.

Selected EHR software vendors must have an efficient and responsive customer support team to guide user for new EHR software. The lack of customer support from the vendor is painful in urgent situations for practice. Various customer support functions such as online support ticket, email, phone (toll-free or 24/7) live chat, online help center, knowledge base need to consider while shortlisting EHR vendors

Once the practitioner must have detailed knowledge of the contract and what are the scenarios after the expiry of the contract while deciding the supplier of EHR software. By considering these factors practitioners can able to shortlist an EHR system that’s best suited for specific requirements.

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