Tips for improving your hospital’s wound care billing and coding

Tips for improving your hospital’s wound care billing and coding

Creating a wound care billing and coding profitable strategy is much more than having an organization manage your outpatient program. For hospitals, it’s a full-time job to like into aspects like HAPU prevention on the inpatient side, outpatient wound center management, compliance, formulary assessment, education, and medical billing and coding. It is beyond buzzwords used by experts to get you to sign a contract and finding out what makes the most sense for your healthcare facility. Remember that great wound care is all about finding the right partners that are passionate about healing wounds and churning out profits at the end of each month.

Here are some handy tips to improve your hospital’s wound care billing and coding:

It should be self-sustaining

What this means is that hospital wound clinics should be focused on healing patient’s wounds outside of the hospital, as well as on increasing the facilities revenue numbers. Your hospital needs a plan for not only today but for retaining patients in the future, with some error-free and delay free claims filing strategy.


Does your wound facility include protection against expensive and time-consuming RAC audits? Is your wound care documentation goes for a toss, every time a patient visits or re-visits your facility? If yes, then it’s time to connect with the experts in the field, who can get the job done for you.

Pressure ulcers cannot be ignored

According to the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guidelines – Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs) are a mounting problem for hospitals across the country. If a wound is first revealed in the hospital it can significantly add to the cost of an inpatient stay. Pressure Ulcers increase hospital costs ominously. In the US, pressure ulcer care is estimated to approach $11 billion annually, with a cost of between $500 and $70,000 per individual pressure ulcer. A good wound care strategy can show you how the management company plans to help you reduce your number of HAPUs.

Error-free wound care billing and coding

Wound center billing and coding is such an important part in any hospital strategy. Great wound care programs are losing wound clinic profits because of errors in this important area. Wound center billing and coding cannot be left up to chance, and professional in the field is the need of the hour.

Look out for options

Modern hospitals are looking at sourcing the program, to find a trusted partner in their journey. They no longer have to struggle over the decision of insourcing or outsourcing. With perfect partners the right partner who has a stake in your success, allows you to maintain control while giving you instant access to expertise in wound care billing and coding.

You got to have the right tools

Hospitals need to introspect if they have all the tools required in 2018 to compete in wound care billing and claims filing. Ponder upon as t, does your company educate your clinician population on a regular basis? Is there a social marketing strategy for your wound center? Keep in mind that a great wound care billing tip is with social marketing templates and tools to spread the message about the wound care service line. It also comes complete with proven techniques for finding the most talented wound care billers and coders in the area to work in your center. Using wound care technology is key for achieving these items and many more.

Real-time reports

It is more important than ever for hospital executives to have the ability to monitor their wound care billing and coding function on a regular basis. If your hospital executives have to wait months to see the results of their wound care services, it’s high-time you partner with an efficient Medisys Data Solutions Inc. wound care medical billing service company that can push your revenue cycle into a green from red and provide you real-time reports on each and every claim filed.

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