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Best Practices of Medical Billing

The medical billing process is arguably the most crucial business operation for many hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, or other healthcare facilities. Inefficient billing practices, billing mistakes and ineffective follow up can add up quickly, costing hospitals and healthcare facilities [...]


Medical specialties facing coding challenges and tips to overcome them

As intricate and complex as medical billing and coding can be, it is completely possible for things at your medical practice to actually run smoothly and go as planned. And when this happens, a claim is generated and only [...]


Benefits you get when you outsource optometry billing

A financial plan must be set aside for an optometry billing solution provider, and you may then wonder if such services are worth springing for. However, when you have the right billing partner, the benefits of outsourcing optometry billing [...]


Patient Collections: Strategy to success for DME suppliers

DME suppliers are living in an era where increasing patient liability is adding to the growing struggle to maintain a positive cash flow and keep their businesses afloat. There has been no easy button, but until now. One of the [...]


Reimbursement for Smoking Cessation 99406 and 99407

Letting reimbursable services go unbilled is something few family physicians can afford, yet we all do it. In some cases we decide that documenting and coding for a particular service is more trouble than it’s worth or we may [...]