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Are you struggling between revenue cycle management and core practice?

How patients select health plans, choose their health care providers and pay their health care bills is undergoing a dramatic change in the health care delivery system in the U.S. To effectively manage the financial impact of that change, [...]


Preventive medicine services content varies by patient circumstance

A preventive medicine service is an age and gender appropriate history and exam and includes anticipatory guidance, a discussion about risk factor reduction, and provision or referral for immunizations and screening tests. The medical history recorded, the examination performed, [...]


Key Takeaways from CMS Proposed Rule 2019

Recently CMS issued the proposed rules for 2019 Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Both of these rules have significant reimbursement changes. However; these changes are yet to be finalized. The key takeaways from CMS proposed rule [...]


Are You Losing Revenue Due To Outdated Processes?

Up to 38 % of the average medical practice’s total revenue now comes from patient payments, according to the recent report. This means that thousands of dollars can be lost every year if a doctor’s office does not diligently [...]


Why Medical Practices Fail to Maximize their Revenue?

It is interesting in this economy, with the so-called continued recession, that most of these practices; especially the administrators do not revise or refine the strategic planning for the practice. The medical billing and coders like MEDISYS will simply focus [...]