Radiology Medical Billing and Coding Updates 2019

Radiology billing and coding is often seen as vast. It’s not that easy to stay up-to-date on all the individual payer changes and regulation changes. Radiology medical billing and coding inconsistencies can occur in the radiology environment. This may lead to under coded or denials. This can be a high risk of dealing with compliance issues. Medical billing errors are only found when audits get perform or claims get denied. In this situation it’s difficult to figure out how much revenue you are losing because of wrong billing and coding.

Do you want to keep your billing and coding processes on track? Here are some tips which may help your practice to receive payment it’s entitled to and you can take care of your radiology practice.

Clear and Consistent Documentation

Every department is involved in correct billing and coding. It’s important to radiologist to keep eye on consistency in documentation so it clearly identified clinical indications. Documents need to be short and clear. It should be in language that is close to the CPT descriptors for valid related codes. Don’t list exam titles in the impression or findings section. Exam titles need to have the elements for correct assignment and should include modality, views, anatomical site, and whether any contrast was used. Ensure that exam and clinical indication don’t use any nonspecific, unfamiliar, or ambiguous terms or abbreviations.

Only Report Documented views

The number of views that you claim has to meet the basic requirements of the CPT code that you report. The medical report has to mention the number of views, and a good coder will need to count those views and then choose the right CPT code for it. For example, there are four different CPT codes for a knee exam. If you report a knee exam with four or more views, code 73564, then the documentation submitted must substantiate that four or more views were done.

Radiology Billing and Coding Changes for 2019

Stay up to date on radiology billing codes and guidelines. This step is very important to reduce denials and improve practices revenue. Here’s a closer look at some of the anticipated changes for 2019.

Outsource your Radiology Medical Billing and Coding

Error free radiology medical billing and coding practices can have the power to increase your number of claims exponentially and reduce denials. With the help of error free coding, your radiology practice gets accurate charges for patients. Many radiology practices find that outsourcing radiology practice is an ideal way to increase collections. Working with qualified billing and coding professionals can maximize revenue and take the burden of in-house billing and coding off your practice. Reach out to our medical billing manager to get a quote today.

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