How to ensure your payment security?

Proposing multiple ways to pay medical expenses is a proven strategy for medical billing and coding services to help providers and their clients engage patients in the payment process and improve patient collections. As payment accountability increases, they bring expectations from their consumer experiences and demand new ways to pay their healthcare bills. To meet […]

Small companies prefer high deductible health plans

Small companies everywhere in the United States have been feeling the heat from rising health care cost for several years now. In a recent report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, premiums for family coverage have gone up by 19 percent since 2012-13 and 55 percent since 2007-08. High deductible health plans (HDHPs) have been [...]

How can manual claims errors be reduced in Medical Billing?

In a healthcare surrounding, which delves into patient care, drugs prescription and medical billing and coding for claims reimbursement, even the smallest manual data entry error can have devastating consequences. Today, despite the advances in automation technology, many providers still fill out an average of around 20,000 forms manually each year. Inefficiencies in filing claims [...]

5 Ways Outsourcing ENT Billing & Coding Can Help Your Practice

Due to lots of altercation in ENT billing and coding in large part to the recent ICD changes and Affordable Care Act regulations, many facilities have elected to outsource their ENT billing and coding requirements with a company that specializes in otolaryngology healthcare charging services. On the outset, outsourcing medical billing services may sound like [...]

Tips for improving your hospital’s wound care billing and coding

Creating a wound care billing and coding profitable strategy is much more than having an organization manage your outpatient program. For hospitals, it’s a full-time job to like into aspects like HAPU prevention on the inpatient side, outpatient wound center management, compliance, formulary assessment, education, and medical billing and coding. It is beyond buzzwords used [...]

The Case of Bundled Payments in Oncology Care Model

The new bundled payment model from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) called the Oncology Care Model has shown strong participation numbers among healthcare providers with twice as many medical organizations participating than initially expected. Research revealed that many organizations are experimenting with value-based payment models that aim to balance the competing goals [...]

Are you struggling between revenue cycle management and core practice?

How patients select health plans, choose their health care providers and pay their health care bills is undergoing a dramatic change in the health care delivery system in the U.S. To effectively manage the financial impact of that change, it’s about time that your practice must upgrade their revenue cycle management capabilities. As small practices [...]

Preventive medicine services content varies by patient circumstance

A preventive medicine service is an age and gender appropriate history and exam and includes anticipatory guidance, a discussion about risk factor reduction, and provision or referral for immunizations and screening tests. The medical history recorded, the examination performed, as well as the content of advice can vary by the gender and the age and [...]

Key Takeaways from CMS Proposed Rule 2019

Recently CMS issued the proposed rules for 2019 Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Both of these rules have significant reimbursement changes. However; these changes are yet to be finalized. The key takeaways from CMS proposed rule mentions: There will be a single payment rate for Level 2-5 ( Evaluation and Management [...]