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Outsourced Substance Abuse Billing

Outsourced Substance Abuse Billing

Your team either as a substance abuse billing company or in-house billing, knowing ICD-10 billing codes is a prerequisite to being successful.

ICD-10 has hundreds of billing codes concerning behavioral healthcare, including substance abuse treatment and, at times, they can be overwhelming. From medically supervised outpatient withdrawal to chemical dependency for youth outpatient clinic, the list can seem endless at times. Less knowledge of the the detailed substance abuse billing codes and procedures can delay reimbursement or deny insurance claims. Costly errors can and will occur, all at your expense.

Many insurance companies have policies that consider substance abuse as a choice rather than a condition. Whereas mental disorder is something, the patient develops or is born with i.e., they are not at fault. So naturally, mental health patients get better reimbursements than patients of substance abuse. Substance abuse patients have to bear the burden of financial responsibility for the treatment.

At MedisysData Billing Solutions, we specialize in behavioral health and substance abuse billing and claims to help you handle the billing and coding so that you can focus on what you prefer: helping your patients.

Benefits of Outsourced Substance Abuse Billing

  • Reduce overhead cost for your facility
  • Time saving on medical billing
  • Decrease claim denials and rejections
  • Get back to focusing on patients, not paperwork

Most healthcare facilities struggle to handle the workload of keeping up with the billing process, and few actually have the resources to hire an in-house billing team. By outsourcing your eligibility verification, charge entry, claim filing, and follow-ups to an insurance, your substance abuse facility can benefit your facility.

Trust is Crucial with your Substance Abuse Billing Company

Whenever you contact your third-party billing company, you expect the transaction to be:

  • Seamless,
  • Fully confidential
  • Completed without error

Continuous industry changes, new payer rules, declining reimbursements, tighter margins; the stakes are high, making oversight and accountability crucial. Stop looking back at the end of the year and wondering what happened to your cash flow.

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