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Outsourced Radiology Billing Services

Outsourced Radiology Billing Services

The medical field is constantly innovating and improving, something that is not just limited to treatment and medication. Any healthcare facility such as hospitals or providers procedural approaches are updated regularly, so worthwhile changes may bring about more revenue and a good quality care of patients. Outsourced Radiology billing will help to increase reimbursement.

Outsourced Radiology Services

Our expert medical billing team understand Radiology billing’s distinct requirements and ready to build a clean claim submission process for your Radiology specialty. Our team is aware of that radiologist use advanced equipment. This is the reason we use both CPT and Dx-code while submitting your claims for your services to payers. Also, we keep an eye on claim errors if any so that we can increase your collection and reduce denials.

How are radiology services billed?

Radiology services are typically under a fee schedule. This means the payment is either the lower billing charge or the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule dollar amount. Both coinsurance and deductibles apply; a patient’s coinsurance determines their amount.

X-ray Billing Services

The X-ray and EKG procedures requires accurate interpretation and reporting. A combined bill for the professional and technical parts of a procedure – X-ray is taken in patient’s treating provider’s office and he/she owns the equipment used. Then, billing is combined for the technical and professional parts. You receive only one bill for both parts. When you outsource your radiology billing to us, you will get the best X-ray billing services which will guarantee smooth functioning of your practice, enhanced accuracy.

Radiology Codes

Radiology codes comprise the 70,000 series of codes organized by the method or type of radiology and the purpose of the service. They are subdivided on the basis of the type of service and anatomical site.

These include:

  • Diagnostic Radiology: 70000 – 76499
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound: 76500 – 76999
  • Radiologic Guidance: 77001 – 77032
  • Breast, Mammography: 77051 – 77059
  • Bone/Joint Studies: 77071 – 77084
  • Radiation Oncology: 77261 – 77999
  • Nuclear Medicine: 78000 – 79999

MRI Procedure Billing

We have certified and expert radiology billing experts who can review the procedure documents forms and make sure that the records meet the medical compliance. Our medical coders can verify the procedure code represent the imaging procedure and check the medical coverage of your patients under the coverage guidelines.

Benefits of Outsourcing Radiology Billing Services to us

We are leading Radiology billing company for years and has earned the trust of the foremost healthcare clients across the nationwide. We help you with all your collection efforts and maximize the reimbursement.

Affordable Radiology Billing Services

We can provide customized Radiology billing services according to your requirements. Our best practices will help you to collect what you deserve.

HIPAA Compliance

Our have designed all our processes as per HIPAA compliance standard. We have stringent policies in our workstations and we take care of all security measures to safeguard the privacy.


When you outsource Radiology billing services to us, we will assess your financial patient’s volume to understand the scope of variability of the Radiology billing services you require. Our systematic approach will address the Radiology claims rejection after examining the verifying the medical codes. We will ensure immediate surge in your collection with our productive work.

Ready to Get Started with Radiology Billing Outsourcing?

As a complete RCM partner, MedisysData understand that efficient, correct and complete medical coding us essential to maintain for increasing collection. To know more about our RCM medical coding services, please feel free to submit your enquiry to schedule a call with our Medical Coding experts.

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