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Most Common Modifiers For Radiology Billing Services

Most common modifiers for Radiology Billing Services

Radiology is a medical speciality, in which a radiologist conducts physical exams and uses advanced imaging technology to diagnose the disease. Interventional and non-interventional/non-invasive procedures are both carried out by radiologists. Diagnostic radiology imaging and ultrasound are examples of interventional radiology procedures, while non-interventional radiology treatments include routine radiography, single or multiple views, and magnetic resonance imaging.

First, let’s understand the significance of using modifiers in medical billing, shall we?

  • It ensures clean denials to avoid claim denials
  • Higher level of specificity ensures the right imbursements
  • Getting improved reimbursements for the specialized medical services

When it comes to radiology, there are scores of common modifiers, kindly take a look at the same:

TC, technical component: when a radiological service is performed by a hospital, office or an ASC, this modifier is used. It covers the costing of equipment, staff and machinery. These are required to provide the radiological film or tracing.

76, repeat procedure by same physician: when a service or a procedure is repeated along with the original procedure on the same day itself by the same physician then this modifier is added.

77, repeat procedure by another physician: when a service or a procedure is repeated but this time by another physician then this modifier is used.

50, bilateral procedure: when a procedure or service is performed on both sides of the body or both sides of the body are imaged, then this modifier is used. However, both sides of the body does not mean front and back of the body but refers to the left and right side of the body.

26, professional component: when the physician is not providing any sort of machining in the procedure or the service but merely interpreting film or imagining, then this modifier is used. This ideally takes place at an ASC or a hospital where the equipment is provided by the center and the radiologist gives reports on the basis of image interpretation.

59, distinct procedural service: this modifier is used when procedures are performed but not reported at the same time. These procedures/ services are generally not performed on the same day by the same physician.

Common Modifiers For Radiology Billing Services

When the radiologists jump into the medical billing and coding themselves, it poses two main issues: insufficient reimbursement due to understatement of the treatment, and the second would be risks of fine in case of code overstates. If these modifiers are not used correctly it leads to revenue leakages, aged accounts and in most cases write-offs. If you want to toss away the challenge of medical billing claims getting denied, the best way is to shoulder these responsibilities and complex tasks to the medical billing companies. The medical billing experts ensure to stay abreast of the knowledge and trends, understand basic coding principles along with thorough documentation with a quick turnaround time.

Why choose Medisys Data Solutions for radiology billing services?

We are experts in radiology medical billing, having dealt with a variety of radiology billing needs, including helping internal radiology departments, imaging centers, and independent radiology clinics eliminate operational backlogs and provide a full suite of billing solutions. We were able to make rapid, accurate, and quality the pillars of our offerings because of this special knowledge. Let’s uncloud some more reasons as to why you must pick us:

  • Personalized service
  • 97% of claims paid upon submission
  • Collections rise by 25% in the first several months
  • HIPAA compliance
  • 40% savings due to significant reductions in A/R days
  • 100% data security
  • Significant drop in claim denials
  • Transparent costs and processes

What are you waiting for? Toss out the complex challenges about modifiers and resort to the professionals of the radiology medical billing service industry. Whether you’re looking for a Medical Billing Services Provider in Delaware or a Medical Billing Services Provider in Florida, we’re merely one tap away!

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