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MIPS Reporting Strategy to Avoid a Penalty

Are you trying to avoid a 5% MIPS penalty in 2019? Get answers of below questions and avoid MIPS penalty.

1. Are you required to report under MICRA?

Check the newly updated Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) online tool to see whether you must participate in MIPS. All you need is your National Provider Identifier (NPI) to learn if you’re required to participate in 2019. CMS will not mail MIPS status letters to group practices in 2019, so it’s important to check the lookup tool to determine your status.

As per CMS estimates only 37% of physicians will be subject to MIPS.

2. Is your practice is small?

If you have less than 16 clinicians, you qualify as a small practice. If so, you get special benefits and it will be easier to report! Clinicians include physicians as well as physician assistants and advanced practice nurses.

If you’re not a small practice, don’t lose hopes. You’ll need to do more, but you can still meet the minimum 2019 reporting requirements.

3. Are you improving your activities and quality measures?

Improvement Activities (IA)

There are 113 possible IAs detailed on the Quality Payment Program website. Choose activities that work for your practice and implement them for at least 90 days. Reporting improvement activities has certain advantages:

Quality Measures

Quality measures can be reported in several ways: by EHR, registry, QCDR, CAHPS for MIPS Survey (groups only), and Claims. CMS has a full list of quality measures and possible reporting methods for each.

When choosing quality measures, remember the following:

  • Small practices (<16 clinicians) only need to report some data for each measure.
  • Large practices (16+ clinicians) must meet data completeness requirements (60% of applicable patient encounters over 12 months).
  • If you plan to submit quality measures via claims, you can’t report as a group.

4. Still, need help?

CMS has a plenty of resources to help you ranging from videos and online courses to help desk and in-person assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

Also, you can reach out to Medisys Data Solutions Inc. for medical billing and coding solutions help to boost your cash flow and avoid any kind of penalties.

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