How to improve the Prior Authorization process of your oncology practice?

How to improve the Prior Authorization process of your oncology practice?

Oncology Prior Authorization in medical billing service is an integral part of the cancer facility, to stay steady in the business. If not done precisely, one might end up losing cash. 

In a recent survey conducted on oncologists, they said that prior authorization is a vital part of their process and needed by health insurance payers, in which physicians must gain approval for the required treatment before starting the patient treatment. The survey was published by various medical organizations who wanted to pin-point the growing problem of Oncology Prior Authorization in medical billing services. 

Among the 700 oncologists surveyed, about 93 percent said that their patients experienced a delay in getting critical treatment due to prior authorization requirements. A whopping 31 percent said the average delay was more than four to five days.

Here are first hand solutions you can work upon in your oncology facility streamline the overall billing cycle

Speed up treatment time 

With a vision into available treatments, patients should be given preferred financial therapies by their payers to help with the monetary impact of their treatment. This way you can get an improved patient satisfaction, plus the treatment time is faster. 

Improve practice productivity

When you assign the charging tasks to a professional medical billing and coding service provider they access the physician orders with regards to dosing and scheduling easily and check the prior authorization. Possessing an accurate and accessible record of patient treatment and prior authorization details saves the in-house staff time by removing the work of following up with back office staff and doctors. This enables your team to focus on their primary medical responsibilities and increase job as well as patient satisfaction.

Quick turnaround time 

Medisys has record for a quicker turnaround for prior authorizations from four days on average to one or two days. This way oncology patients can be treated more quickly and reimbursement cycle is fast paced. 

Elements to look for in an Oncology Prior Authorization in medical billing service:

  • Participates in value-based care programs
  • Adheres to NCCN Guidelines at the point of care
  • Authorizing treatment cost and coverage for patients
  • Accessing physician orders
  • Data captured as required by insurers for prior authorization submissions
  • Real-time information is passed to doctors

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