Do you have adequate experience in pharmacy billing?

Healthcare providers spend an enormous amount of time & money to achieve transparency in medical claims. Specialty pharmacies need to make better practice management standards that will allow consistent recovery of aging accounts and stabilize the cash flow.

Outsourcing of billing has changed as an expedient solution for a lot of providers in healthcare. Ensuring great practice management with correct benefits checks and insurance verification process is the top priority. Vendors in specialty pharmacy billing services will need an effective understanding of credentialing priorities.

Patient On-boarding Data Capture

This is the initial step in the pharmacy billing process. You need to capture patient details such as medical history, medical reports, previous prescriptions, doctors visited, etc.


You need to aware of pre-authorization. Professional medical billing company’s team can handle a variety of drug classification and pharmacy codes with precision. Medisys system is designed to ensure that authorizations are acquired ahead of the billing. This drastically lowers claim denials especially when patients are subscribed to complex health plans.

AR Follow-up

If you have not billed claims then this will impact your revenue generation. To prevent this you need to ensure that each and every pharmacy service provided to clients are comprehensively billed without lapse. At Medisys, we ensure error free and timely claims submission. We are also follow-up with patients and providers to ensure that payments are transacted on time.

Charge & Payment Posting

Charges and payment posting is an essential part in medical billing services. We at Medisys automate what is unarguably the most labor-intensive activity in pharmacy billing services. From cutting the time spent on data entry to streamlining manual payment postings, our solution will ensure that reimbursements are appropriately accounted on time.

We at Medisys follow different processes for an A-rated generic drug, brand-name drug, as well as non-preferred drug. Each of these areas requires specific billing approach, we ensure to customize the billing solutions that will minimize rejections and let us create custom statistical and analytical reports for pharmacies. 

You should look for the right partner in billing who will help you to render better solutions in care management and claim administration.

About Medisys

We are a group of medical billing experts who offer comprehensive billing and coding services to doctors, physicians & hospitals. We provide end to end billing and coding solutions. Medisys Data Solutions RCM solutions ensures that the providers recover every $ they are entitled to. Our vision for the providers is “You Cure. We $ecure.”

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