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Optometry Medical Billing Services

Maximize your Optometry Cash Flow with Leading Medical Billing Services Company

We at Medisys understand that the revenue cycle management (RCM) for optometry medical practice has become complicated than ever before. With the on-going changes in insurance policies, federal policies, along with rigorous compliance regulations and healthcare reforms, it has [...]


How to squeeze full reimbursement in Optometry Billing?

Optometry includes curing vision-related problems, fitting of lenses, diagnosing and treating certain ailments of the eye, sight testing, and correction by the initiation of diagnosis, treatment and the supervision of vision changes. Having its own set of issues with [...]


Benefits you get when you outsource optometry billing

A financial plan must be set aside for an optometry billing solution provider, and you may then wonder if such services are worth springing for. However, when you have the right billing partner, the benefits of outsourcing optometry billing [...]


Challenges in optometry medical billing

Over the last few decades, the life expectancy of people with problems pertaining to eye care has increased significantly due to improved health‐care provision. Increased longevity means they are more likely to experience age‐related common problems in eye conditions such as cataracts and [...]


Outsourcing Billing Optometry: What You Need to Know

When it comes to managing something as important as the insurance claims in your optometry practice, many people can be defensive of the process because it is tied directly to their revenue cycle. As a healthcare facility owner, it’s [...]