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Medical Billing Services

Small companies prefer high deductible health plans

Small companies everywhere in the United States have been feeling the heat from rising health care cost for several years now. In a recent report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, premiums for family coverage have gone up by [...]


How can manual claims errors be reduced in Medical Billing?

In a healthcare surrounding, which delves into patient care, drugs prescription and medical billing and coding for claims reimbursement, even the smallest manual data entry error can have devastating consequences. Today, despite the advances in automation technology, many providers [...]


Are you struggling between revenue cycle management and core practice?

How patients select health plans, choose their health care providers and pay their health care bills is undergoing a dramatic change in the health care delivery system in the U.S. To effectively manage the financial impact of that change, [...]


Preventive medicine services content varies by patient circumstance

A preventive medicine service is an age and gender appropriate history and exam and includes anticipatory guidance, a discussion about risk factor reduction, and provision or referral for immunizations and screening tests. The medical history recorded, the examination performed, [...]