The primary goal of accounts receivable management in healthcare is to maintain maximum cash flow into the medical or behavioral practice by minimizing the collection period and the costs associated. Healthcare providers must stay on top of efforts to collect reimbursement for accounts receivable. The longer an AR goes unpaid, the less likely healthcare providers receive payment at all.

Best Practices for Managing Accounts Receivable:

Achieving a higher first pass rate:

Providers have to collect accurate patient information and submit the claim accurately in the first attempt. Achieving 95% or more as the first pass rate will help the providers to get timely and accurate reimbursements. From a revenue cycle perspective, getting the most accurate information up front starts with patient scheduling and patient registration…that provides the groundwork by which claims can be billed and collected in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Tracking Accounts Receivables

Tracking AR every month, segregating AR into various aging buckets and monitoring 90+ bucket is very important. Providers can compare ARs over time to recognize dangerous trends early and determine any outstanding reimbursements that may prove easy to close. While tracking the AR, determining the average AR days and cycles is very crucial.

Timely re-submissions of denials and rejections

It is very important to address and resubmit denials and rejections received. The re-submissions should be done after understanding the reason for denials or rejections, taking appropriate steps to gather missing information or documentation and resubmit the same within the necessary timelines.

Outsourcing AR collections process to Medisys Data Solutions Inc.

If healthcare providers are still facing challenges to recover the outstanding AR and do not have the administrative bandwidth to work on the AR processes, considering an outsourcing solution Medisys Data Solutions Inc. can leverage their expertise and data analysis skills to identify the exact problems in reimbursements and provide solutions.

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