Delaware, 03-10-2022-- According to Healthcare Dive, a data breach costs a company an average of $3.8 million. Thus, it goes without saying that it is essential to manage and safeguard patients’ data properly. Stemmed to the statistics, Medisys Data Solutions Inc. announced a partnership with Delaware's leading Optometrist medical setting. In no small measure, the former is super-pumped to offer its medical billing and coding services to streamline the revenue management cycle and tap profits for the latter. The professionals onboard are happy to recognize the bottlenecks faced by the facility in Delaware and mark green flags of company growth with immense expertise and advanced technology. With this, Medisys Data Solutions Inc. is prepared to exceed the expectations of its clientele.

On an average, 32% of patients said that there was a gap in the information exchange process. Statistics have proven in both the past and present that any optometry practice would not be able to grow to till their complete revenue potential unless they have a smooth revenue management cycle. Thus, professional medical providers such as the Medisys Data Solutions’ professionals help optometrists achieve both their maximum administrative and revenue capacities.

The Managing Director of Medisys Data Solutions, Abhijit Deshpande stated, “By offering them cutting-edge HIPAA compliance programmes, we at Medisys Data Solutions help private practise optometrists overcome the particular difficulties they face. These programmes are made to lessen the time, resources, and stress associated with a HIPAA programme.” He further added, “"Our collaboration with them will significantly lessen HIPAA burden and give the independent optometrists peace of mind,"

The facility at Delaware mentioned that they encountered scores of problems while their in-house team was handling the medical billing and coding process. Challenges faced by the leading optometrist in Delaware as mentioned as follow:

  • Modifier's ambiguity: The in-house team were facing bottlenecks when it came to picking the right modifiers to complete the claim process. Due to absence, and invalidity of modifiers, the claims at the medical setting were rejected time and again.

  • Inadequate information about Medicare: A Medicare patient's care may be provided by another payer through the coordination of benefits. However, the in-house team failed to understand the process to help the payers take maximum advantage of the benefits.

  • There is no evidence of medical necessity: The claim was rejected several times when the payer did not consider the procedure or diagnosis to be medically necessary.

  • Improper service bundling: This demonstrates a lack of understanding of NCCI by the in-house team at Delaware.

  • Duplicated claims: A claim will be rejected since it was a duplication of the one that was already submitted. This can occur because the claim might have already been handled but not paid for whatever reason.

In order to toss away the challenges, Medisys Data Solutions wore their shoes of expertise and traced solutions to improve the process at the optometry medical facility in Delaware:

  • Improved Patient Demographics: On one dashboard panel, they gave the facility an overview of the patient's insurance, diagnosis, account information for family members, appointments, recalls, and optical orders.

  • Quick Reports View: A thorough analytical and financial report quickly takes a facility a long way. The process was elaborated through reports in a matter of minutes, with scheduled emails.

  • Simple insurance processing and billing - Medisys Data Solutions vouched for quicker checkout. They ensured that the statements for the patients are easy to understand.

  • Profit from a healthy daily cash flow: Remittances are posted daily, insurance claims are reviewed daily, and payments are often paid within 2-3 weeks as opposed to 60-90 days. In no small measure, a medical facility can improve coding accuracy and reduce denials with the aid of billing services.

  • With HIPAA-compliant services, data security and privacy are guaranteed: Medisys Data Solutions ensured getting rid of the PHI stress and resorted to a streamlined proces.

The Owner of the facility mentioned that, “The busy schedule of seeing and treating patients in your own optometry practice can make it challenging to stay up with the evolving standards, laws, and codes pertaining to the optometry billing and coding. This is exactly wherein the medical providers at the Medisys Data Solutions helped us align our process and drive revenue beyond our expectations”.

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