Delaware, 09-08-2022- Medisys Data Solutions Inc. has recently announced an alliance with the leading Wound Care center in Delaware. The former is beyond excited to announce the commencement of the contract to mark professional milestones. With this, Medisys Data Solutions Inc. is ready to provide exceptional services to the latter’s client base and supersede their expectations.

This contract stemmed from the fact that the wound care sector is expanding daily. According to the statistics more than 9 million Americans require quality care because they have a chronic wound that will not heal. When a clinic recognizes that a patient requires wound care services, it must first determine if it has the necessary capacity and resources to manage billing services in-house or whether it must contract with outside wound care medical billing businesses.

More than half of the doctors and clinics work with associated wound care facilities that are managed by a specialist company, since the in-house team faces scores of challenges with limited expertise and resources. On a similar note, the leading wound care center in Delaware faced scores of challenges with their in-house medical billing team: 

  • In most cases, the add-on ICD 10 codes for the actual code were forgotten. For instance, the team would look at the base code and the add-on code if a specific length of tissue were removed at a specific depth. However, the insurer noted that the coding would involve the combining of two codes for a different length of subcutaneous tissue. In the coding for wound care, mistakes of this nature were reported frequently.

  • The slowness of doctors in responding to documentation is another issue that contributed to billing delays in the wound care center in Delaware. Physicians typically respond to patients only when it is convenient for them to do so, or within office hours. Therefore, picking Medisys Data Solutions Inc. to automate physician enquiries and seek assistance in increasing revenue to avoid this kind of delay was the best decision taken by the Provider.

Thus, this contract between Medisys Data Solutions Inc. and a Wound Care center will function as the vanguard that would make this goal a possibility of tossing away the challenges. Medisys Data Solutions Inc will bring expertise, trained billing managers, certified coders, advanced credentialing experts, and the best technologies onto the table. This would create a positive environment that would meet the pressing needs of the ever-advancing hospital setting.

The Managing Director of Medisys Data Solutions, Abhijit Deshpande stated, “I love to add value to people’s lives, which in turn helps them to achieve their goals.” He further adds, “I believe in doing what is right, not what is easy, and in living each day as if your life has just begun.”

In no small measure, the provider will benefit the best out of this contract. With regards to this, a senior physician at the Wound Care center remarked, "In order to bring our facility in line with value-based care, we are seeking for someone to share our duties with. At that point, Medisys came in to support our facilities and ensured enhancing our revenue cycle management."

The facility also mentioned that they had been checking content shared by Medisys Data Solutions Inc. on their website & social media platform, which helped them to take decisions and vouched Medisys Data Solutions to streamline their medical billing process in the next 3-6 months. They believe that Medisys Data Solutions excels above its rivals in the region.

Collaborating with experts 

Over the years, through similar contracts, Medisys Data Solutions has helped several medical practices to institute their own electronic coding and billing platforms. Abhijit added, “A tendency toward specialized medical and surgical care delivered at one site or institution can be seen in the gradual growth of wound care centers, thus there is a specialized need of professional medical billing companies to tackle the challenges.”

According to Medisys, hiring professionals increased income by 30%, cut operational costs by 50%, and submitted clean claims for the first time by 98%, among other benefits. Their skill and experience in providing first-rate, error-free end-to-end medical billing and coding services is unmatched.

About Medisys

They are a group of medical billing experts based in Delaware, USA, who offer comprehensive medical billing and coding services to doctors, physicians, and hospitals. Their mission is to be the most reliable medical billing and coding network for healthcare providers and deliver value through their services. They have established a reputation in Delaware, USA, for reducing cost of provider operations, rendering comprehensive RCM services under one-roof, ensuring patient data-protection, and implementing a smooth transition process

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