What is payment posting in RCM?

Payment posting in RCM seems like an afterthought, something that happens after the “real” work of medical billing ends. After all, you’ve done the hard part and got the payments in the door. Payment Posting is the crucial step in the Revenue Cycle Management process. Payment posting involves: EOBs: Post insurance data from EOBs ERAs: Post […]

Easy Ways to Make Eligibility Verification Process Faster

Eligibility Verification Process is crucial in healthcare revenue cycle management. Physicians are responsible for eligibility verification of a patient, every time whenever appointment is scheduled. Importance of Insurance Eligibility Verification Insurance verification is the process of verifying a patient’s insurance in terms of coverage status, status of policy whether active or inactive, eligibility status. This […]

Revenue Cycle Management in the US Healthcare

Revenue Cycle Management in the US healthcare is the financial process which utilizes medical billing software to track patient care information from appointment schedule to the insurance payment or patient payment of a balance. Current transition from fee-for-service to value-based care reimbursement will bring changes to the traditional revenue cycle management (RCM) in healthcare. What […]

What resides in the future for the wound care clinic

What resides in the future for the wound care clinic?

Wound care services are transforming rapidly hence wound clinics are looking for varied business and wound management strategies that enable them to offer the best care to patients. Also, these new wound management strategies can make these clinics competitive in the market. Generally, chronic wounds are considered as wounds that fail to show any tendency […]

AR follow- up management: Essential in the medical billing process

AR follow- up management: Essential in the medical billing process

You must be aware of the Accounts receivable or AR in medical billing. However, AR follow up is also essential in medical billing to fetch the money for practitioners. AR Follow-up team has a significant role to play in every healthcare organization and also, this team is responsible for looking after denied claims and reopening […]

Remote Patient Monitoring Updates for Physicians

Remote Patient Monitoring Opportunities for Physicians

Increased adoption and importance of Remote patient monitoring (RPM) during the coronavirus crisis in physician’s community. In short RPM is use a digital technology to capture and monitor patient’s health data electronically. This transmit the patient information to their providers for assessment, instruction and recommendation. RPM used to store wide range of patient data, including […]

Ambulance Transportation Billing: Definitions

Ambulance Transportation Billing: Definitions

Ambulance transportation is a billable event. All insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid both pay for Ambulance transportation service. Billing and coding for ambulance services is complex because of the unique and comprehensive modifiers. There are various modes of transport includes ground, water, emergency air ambulances. Medisys Data has certified ambulance transportation billers and coders. […]