Advantages and Disadvantage of Fee for Service

There appears to be a general agreement that Fee for Service (FFS) payment is a malicious practice leading to overprovision, disorganization and uncontrollable health expenditures. The assumption is that FFS encourages physicians to deliver more and unnecessary services to maximize their income. However, physicians have traditionally been paid FFS and it continues to be the […]

Outsourcing Billing Optometry: What You Need to Know

When it comes to managing something as important as the insurance claims in your optometry practice, many people can be defensive of the process because it is tied directly to their revenue cycle. As a healthcare facility owner, it’s good to keep an eye on the processes that are making your practice earn money. However, […]

Improving Pharmacy Claims Reimbursements – Outsource Now

Pharmacies continue to scrutinize their income cycle in today’s complex healthcare environment. As rising drug prices and declined reimbursements contribute to shrinking margins, pharmacy billing and coding is one place where industry leaders should look to make a positive impact on revenues. Today, if you review the challenges that a pharmacy faces in regards to […]

Improve your practice price transparency to empower your patients

Lack of transparency regarding expenses of health care services hinders the patient’s ability to make true value-based decisions. Health care markets are prevented from operating efficiently due to lack of complete, accurate and timely information regarding cost of health care services. Meaningful price transparency can empower patients to make informed care decision and it can […]

Improve Patient Care by Outsourcing Back Office Operations

One Universal fact which we discovered after working with different specialty care groups and physicians on back-office operations is that most physicians would prefer looking after patients rather than dealing with bookkeeping. However, Collections, staffing, and processes are really important for a lucrative practice. Hence we are sharing few shares guidelines for simplifying accounting while […]