Billing Practices for Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have expanded its Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) nationwide. Traditional healthcare providers and community-based organizations can enroll as Medicare suppliers of health behavior change services. MDPP model promotes patient centered care. This continues to test market driven reforms to drive quality of care. According to CMS Administrator […]

Radiology Medical Billing and Coding Updates 2019

Radiology billing and coding is often seen as vast. It’s not that easy to stay up-to-date on all the individual payer changes and regulation changes. Radiology medical billing and coding inconsistencies can occur in the radiology environment. This may lead to under coded or denials. This can be a high risk of dealing with compliance […]

Increase your cash flow with Chronic Care Management Codes

According to Centers of Disease Management and Control, half of adult Americans are suffering from chronic medical condition. Majority of patients are 65 or older and Medicare beneficiaries to whom family physicians are treating. Medical Billing Companies are helping these family physicians to submit claims. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) noted that effective […]

Payer Contract Trends – Improve Your Practice Revenue

Payers are much important and they need us more than we need them.Payer contract negotiations involve a unnecessary attention and this process is too much discouraging. Payers can pay off in large dividends. These are much essential to your practice. We have listed payer contract trends which will help you to improve your practice revenue. […]

How to Implement Value-Based Reimbursement?

Value-based reimbursement implementation can reduce cost. But due to lack of data access, risk based products and no standardization delays this process. Spending in US in healthcare is unsustainable. National healthcare cost to total $6 trillion by 2027 predicted by CMS, also the accounts total 19 percent of gross domestic product. Value based reimbursement is […]

Medical Billing Services: Influenza Vaccine Resources

We have put together 4 flu vaccine resources for billing that we believe will be helpful to you and your practice. Flu Vaccines by Manufacturers The Immunization Action Coalition puts out a great list every year about the flu vaccine. This list provides the names of the influenza vaccine manufacturer, the vaccine name, dosage, the […]

Urology ICD-10 Codes Update: 2019

Urology medical billing becomes challenging with consistent changes in ICD codes and guidelines. Outsourcing your medical billing to a company with expertise in urology medical billing is the best option to submit error free claims with increased reimbursement. Recently several new ICD-10 coding updates are introduced in Urology medical billing. Urologists need to aware of the Urology […]

What is Unbundling in Medical Billing?

Unbundling coders are using multiple CPT codes for parts of a procedure, is one of the most common medical coding error identified by AMA in 2018. All medical billing and coding companies should differentiate between when separate reporting of services is correct coding and when such reporting becomes fraudulent. Unbundling in medical billing is billing […]

Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing Services

Almost every medical practice face one question is whether to outsource medical billing services or manage it in-house. This is never ending problem for physicians. This actually differs from practice to practice and is based on several factors. Outsourced medical billing service is keep doctor free for patients and increases their collections. Medical Billing often […]

What does leading medical billing companies work?

If you happen to ask docs what are their greatest considerations with outsourced billing, or in some instances billing in house for an enormous workplace, 99% of them would say management. They don’t seem to be certain that every one of their claims getting submitted in a well-timed method. They do not look to be […]