Benefits of EHR in Cardiology billing in the USA

Many cardiologists in the United States are yet to implement a cardiology specific EHR in their facility as they fear that the system may slow down in their busy practices.  Nevertheless, there have been excellent developments in specialty EHR.  Cardiologists now are able to raise the level of care they provide as the EHR is […]

Create better patient experience by providing Cost Estimate

Do you provide cost estimate to patients for non-routine services? If your answer is no, then you need to start providing cost estimate to patients. According to MGMA stat poll the majority of healthcare leaders (68%) said their organizations provide cost estimates to patients. While others (27%) response were ‘no’ they do not provide cost […]

Best ways to attain higher Revenue cycle management numbers for your practice

As far as medical billing and coding is concerned, the best way to attain higher revenue cycle management starts with checking for the eligibility of the patient, and goes on till the revenue is recovered from the denied or delayed claims. Here are some crucial ways to attain higher RCM numbers: Eligibility Verification Inspecting the […]

Compliance management in Ambulance Transportation Billing and Coding

Ambulance transportation billing and coding involves a various compliance challenges, which if not followed can result in decreased revenue and an organized billing cycle. The ambulance industry as a healthcare field over the years has seen a significant number of false claim cases, fraud investigations, and audit activity, and other types of charging related cases. […]

Increase your per patient revenue with dedicated DME billing provider in the USA

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) as the name proposes is medical equipment that is proposed for the use at home for the medical disorders or illnesses that require a frequent use of that medical equipment. Durable medical equipment comprises medical items that are reusable, approved by a doctor and is not useful for those who are […]

Best ways to improve your DME billing efficiency and collection in the USA

Coming to the moot question here is, are you as a durable medical equipment supplier growing so fast that you can barely keep up with you accounts? On the outset, it is not a bad situation to be in as growth is a sign of your success. But, the decisions that you make during that […]

Best Practices Utilized in Cardiology Billing to stabilize your income cycle

A cardiology facility is prone to many unwanted and special billing and coding challenges that won’t be encountered in any other healthcare discipline. With the ever evolving technologies and increasingly-complex claims filing protocols which includes endovascular surgery, electrophysiology and diagnostic tests, to mention a few, cardiology billing needs the attention of the experts. To start […]

Dermatology Billing Compliance – Understanding the Basics

Dermatology as a healthcare specialty according to the latest census is ranked as the 10th most in-demand medical field, due to the aging US population. However, with such a demand comes increased salaries, which rose by 13% on average in 2017-18. This lucrative industry which now stands at $13 billion employs about 15,000 dermatologists in […]

Simplify your Practice and Maximize your Revenue with the best Chiropractic billing provider in Delaware

Like every other healthcare specialty, chiropractic medical billing and coding services are required to undertake a couple of vital financial workload, which is to enhance the charging operation, ensure service delivery and taking away the additional burden from your shoulder for your facility in Delaware.  Hence, simplifying your practice with the best chiropractic medical billing […]

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Medical Billing

Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) also referred to as non-physician practitioners (NPPs). To improve patient care practices are increasingly hiring nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to increase reimbursement. If you are among them, you will want to make sure that your billing should be error free for them to increase reimbursement […]